Car Flipped and Poker Terms

First, this was in the way on my way to the office today:

I’m not really sure how the guy managed to do it, but, from what I was told, he fell asleep at the wheel and managed to flip the car.  By the time this picture was taken, he was gone via ambulance, but I am told that he was fine and they were just checking him out to make sure nothing was wrong.  One of my co-workers said he was acting normal but just appeared to be in shock from it.  Apparently there was also someone at the bus stop right there who managed to avoid getting hit by a matter of feet — that must have been scary for her.  It’s just a reminder to never stand on the side of a busy Costa Rican road.

Also, in work-related news, I am just getting a site called Poker Terms off the ground. I’m working on it with a couple other guys and we’re basically going to put together a huge poker dictionary. We’ll be doing terms like “bet”, “check”, “call”, etc along with all of the poker forum lingo. Right now the content is only just getting started — I think we’ve put in the first round of As, Bs and a few random terms. When all is said and done, I expect the site to have over 1000 terms in it. This week, my tasks for Poker Terms are to shore up the admin system a bit, get the “Submit” page working and to get a bunch more terms added.

If you have any really obscure terms that you’d like us to add (don’t bother with the basic terms — we already have a list of them and they’ll be getting entered over the coming weeks), feel free to leave comments here for now. I will look into getting your terms added.

9 thoughts on “Car Flipped and Poker Terms

  1. Eric

    “That page ain’t here!! Somebody done stole it!” = funny error page message. I have about 10 terms I want to add. Most of them being two word terms, with one of the words being “cow”.

  2. TheJacob

    Gotta get A+ and obv on there.

    Not sure if they originated on poker forums are not, but are definitely used in the poker community more than anywhere else.

  3. asher

    How is it that you always have a camera handy? Not a diss, but I have a Nikon DSLR & I try to always have it case my kids do something worth photographing, but its a hassle.

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