Houston Trip

I’m currently in Houston for a few days. I came up here for a few reasons, one of which was to hang out with my long-time poker friend Ozzy, also known online as Ozzy 87. I’ve been friends with Ozzy for close to four years which, for a poker friend, is a reallllllly long time. As usual, he’s been crushing online poker.

To back up for a second, these are some iPhone pictures from the Costa Rica to Houston flight on Friday morning. I had a great view.

In that picture, we had recently taken off from the San Jose airport. We were flying north over the western side of Costa Rica and we had a great view of the coast. Right in the middle of the picture is Puntarenas. That’s the beach area that I visited and blogged about here. You can also see some of the islands that are out in the ocean in between the mainland and the Nicoya peninsula.

This is after we’d flown over Costa Rica and we were over Nicaragua. I’m guessing most of you don’t know this, but Nicaragua has a huge lake in the southwestern part of the country. Before the Panama canal was opened, there used to be a trade route that used Lake Nicaragua to get goods across Central America. As you can see, the edge of the lake is very close to the Pacific Ocean in certain spots.

I’m not 100% sure about this one, but I believe it’s some sort of atoll about 75 miles off the coast of Merida, Mexico, which is on the Yucatan peninsula. Here’s a link to the Google Maps satellite image of what I think it was. A few minutes before we flew next to it, I saw the Mexican coastline. Here’s a picture of the coastline which I believe is near Merida.

I think what you’re looking at there is Progreso, Mexico and some sort of wave breaker that was built out into the ocean a pier for cruise ships that was built to make it possible to dock in deeper waters (I did some research on Progreso). You can see it on Google Maps here. Pretty cool stuff, I really like seeing things like cities and lakes from the air. I don’t know why I’m so entertained by it because I’ve taken hundreds of flights in my life and it should probably be normal for me. But it doesn’t ever get old for me.

Anyway, getting back to the Houston thing, we’ve basically just been hanging out. I arrived midday Friday and then Ozzy played a bunch of poker on Saturday. He had a great day on Saturday clearing about a 200k profit. A lot of his profit came from the 2000/4000 HORSE game on Full Tilt. It was the first time he’d ever played it and he ran very well in it, which is lucky. I took a picture of him playing it:

Pretty crazy to be playing those sorts of stakes. I still remember when I thought that $5/$10 NL was a big game.

So I’m here for a few more days. I’ll probably blog again before I leave. Good luck to amak316 in the $5K NL FTOPS event (there are three left right now and he’s the chip leader) and also to everyone in the FTOPS main event — I hope someone I’m friends with manages to take it down.

3 thoughts on “Houston Trip

  1. Joe

    What part of houston r u in? I’m a reader of your blog, and i’m from houston too. Were you guys going to be hanging out? Dude i didnt even know ozzy was from houston. Let me know, i’d be pretty awesome to meet some local poker pros.

  2. Nat Post author

    I didn’t see your comment until it was too late, but I was staying at Ozzy’s house on the west side of Houston. He lives somewhat near the intersection of 529 and 6.

    I’m back in Costa Rica now though…

  3. Joe

    Cool. Next time your in town, shoot me an email. I like reading ur blog, and think it’s great what you do for the poker community.

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