I flew into Costa Rica earlier this evening from Houston.  I’ve basically just been unpacking, catching up on a few things around my condo and relaxing before heading to bed.  A few hours ago, I was just sitting down to eat a snack when I suddenly felt the floor shaking.  A few things in my condo were rattling and I was freaked out for a second — then I realized it was an earthquake.  That was the first time I’d ever felt an earthquake where I actually felt the floor moving and shaking underneath me.  Some of the first news reports about the earthquake are starting to hit the news wire… See this link:

Judging from this page on Google Maps (link), the epicenter was only a little over 100 miles from where I live near San Jose.

I’m sure that a lot more news will appear tomorrow regarding damage and other earthquake fallout. I’ll definitely be following it…

3 thoughts on “Earthquakeaments

  1. Tracy

    I apologize for the off topic comment but I’ve been waiting for a UIGEA post. Is there something in the works or is it not even post worthy?

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