More Poker Terms stuff…

I’ve been hard at work improving a bunch of things on Poker Terms and getting content added to it. We’re up to about 175 terms and climbing. I’d really like to hit the four figures by next spring.

I’ve had some help from a few writers regarding the more basic terms, but I’ve been trying to slowly put in some of the more arcane/forum-y terms. Some of them include: Buddy List Player, I Had a Read, Sharks with Lasers, Sesh, Mexican Holdem, Euro Lagtards, Bankroll Hunting, Raw Business and many others.  I am really only getting started with this stuff — I have a huge list of other terms I plan on putting in.

Anyway, so why am I making this post now?  Well, a few minutes ago, I put up the Submit a Term page. It’s pretty basic, but now anyone can easily suggest terms to myself and the other writers. We’ll be monitoring all submissions and creating term pages for the good submissions. If you include your name, we’ll be sure to give you credit for the term. Let me know what you’d like to see on Poker Terms.

Also, shaniac has made some thinly-veiled threats that he wants to be a poker terms writer. I am excited to see what he has to bring to the table, so this last little paragraph is meant to publicly call him out on his words — hopefully he’ll make good on them!

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