Full Tilt Domain Squatting: They’re Very Weird Dudes

I was doing a little domain research and ran across some really funny stuff in the Full Tilt Poker domain portfolio.  I’ll run down the list…

  • First, they own domains for names of players who are pros at other poker sites: adamlevypoker.com, andreakkaripoker.com, etc.  I’m sure I didn’t find all of them.
  • Second, they own domains for the names of people they’ve publicly out as multi-accounters and banned from their site: sorelmizzi.net, chrisvaughnpoker.com, nickneirgarthpoker.com (gbmantis was banned too, right?).  I didn’t see any JJProdigy domains in their list though…
  • Third, they own domains that are misspellings/typo domains for other poker sites: ansolutepoker.com, hallywoodpoker.com and maybe more.
  • Fourth, they own domains for a lot of poker players who aren’t Full Tilt sponsored players: joewardpoker.com, terrencechanpoker.net, carterkingpoker.com, mattmatrospoker.com, etc.  And is terrencechanpoker.net really worth anything?  I mean, sure Terrence is a great player, nice guy, etc… but a .net?  Wow.
  • Fifth.  Last but not least.  They own jimmyfrickepoker.com.  AHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Yes, as in the person that Howard Lederer called a “freak and a very weird dude

Anyway, Full Tilt is obviously over-stepping the boundaries of “ethical” domaining practices here.  I know that some of the people (ie, Carter King) might be people that they were/are in negotiations with to sign a pro deal.  In that case, doing this makes sense.  But typos?  Pros for other sites?  People they’ve banned and now could potentially profit from?  That doesn’t seem fair.

Since I’m sure this post will end up in the hands of Full Tilt execs, I’d also like to let you guys know that Costa Rica is accepting domain registrations for .cr domains.  You can register them here.  As of the writing of this post (12/10/2008 @ 10:30 pm CST), fulltiltpoker.cr is still available.  Let’s see if Full Tilt can beat one of my enterprising blog readers to that domain.

13 thoughts on “Full Tilt Domain Squatting: They’re Very Weird Dudes

  1. William Franceschine

    I own some names similar to those and they don’t get much traffic. Particularly poker.com domains. They may get 1-2 type ins a month, maximum. They have probably been burned by squatters one too many times (see gushansen.com) and now just buy up anything and everything which they might need someday. Makes sense really. If they save one WIPO claim+laywer fee’s that pays for hundreds and hundreds of domains they never end up using.

    The AnsolutePoker and Hallywoodpoker domains is a little suspect however.

  2. John Motson

    Looking at the whois of ansolutepoker.com and fulltilkpoker.com, they both have privacy protection so I wonder how you came to your conclusion that they are owned by the same people – unless the privacy protection was introduced by the owners as a followup to your post?


  3. Nat Post author


    Well, I can’t be 100% sure. But they all trace back to the same registrar and they reverse IP back to the same server.

  4. John Motson

    Hi Nat,

    From what I can see the domain name fulltiltpoker.com is protected by privacy protection:
    Organisation Name: Your Whois Privacy
    Email: domains@yourwhoisprivacy.com
    This means you can’t be sure of who the owner is.

    What is more telling is that ansolutepoker.com and the other domains you mention all share one thing in common with fulltiltpoker.com which is the DNS settings (and IP range as you mentioned)
    Name Server: PDNS1.ULTRADNS.NET
    Name Server: PDNS2.ULTRADNS.NET

    This is not real proof that all the domain names are owned by the same people though – although the fact that the nameservers and IP are shared the probability is high.


  5. Mark

    This is pretty funny. And they have been giving affiliates a hard time about domains with “fulltilt” in the URL.

    I was actually a bit surprised to read this as FT is already well established. I would think that this sort of stuff would be for the smaller networks who are trying to make a dent.

  6. goldrush

    I suggest staying away from FTP. I failed to realize there is no known phone numbers until it was to late… Got some money taken from me not to much but enough to make me mad, plus the risk of future attempts to take more and all I can do is send emails. Its been 2 weeks sent 30+emails got 3 emails back saying they will do an “inquiry” on my account. Then because of this, I wanted to close my account, and my bank info, the last email I got from them told me this is not possible. They must keep it open always. Anyone know if thats true? I did call “tiltpay” but they were useless. Some guy who could barely speak english kept saying – “we very sorry” and “we look in” I asked for his name and after a few “uh umms” he gave me the name jim smith. Talk about probability, now thats what I call a safe bet… I would bet the farm that’s not his name, he wouldn’t transfer me, and wouldnt give me the number to there support. I hung up, called again and the next person simply refused to give me their name or any information. All I was told is to send emails. I sent an email and called to confirm I was sending it, to Kahnawake Gaming Commission, so far haven’t heard anything from them. So be aware! also if anyone is “CIA” enough to find a good number I would love to know it…

  7. John

    Hilarious post Nat, I can’t believe they actually own these domains and if true it’s pretty funny. You would think that with the advertising, endorsements, etc that would be enough to attract players but I guess whatever works right? The best part is the typos of competitors, lol can’t believe it.

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