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I am down to allow guest posts on here if anyone is interested.  Some groundrules:

  1. It has to be a unique post.  I am not really interested in another post about how to play AQ to a reraise.  That isn’t to say that a poker strategy post is bad, but it has to offer something new (hard to do).
  2. If you have a website, I will put one link to it at the top of the article and one link to it at the bottom of the article.  The linked text will be the name of your website.  I can’t allow you to have free reign to link to whoever you want in the post, but I will consider additional links on a case-by-case basis.
  3. The post doesn’t have to be about poker, SEO or anything I usually write about.  It can be something like a “my typical day as a factory worker” or “how my stock portfolio has been affected this year” or anything else.  I just want some posts that are interesting reads for my readers.

That’s it!  If you’re interested, you can reach me at “natarem” followed by the gmail extension (gotta obfuscate that a little).

One thought on “Guest Posts

  1. Nasal Fluids

    No one seems to have take yo up on the “Interesting” guest post offer so I thought I’d cut the cheese and see what it smells like.

    Proposition: If you can win consistently at poker you have got what it takes to win in the financial markets.

    Its a bigger fish pond with more fish.

    Skills required at poker are mainly “analytical” and finding your own personal psycholical “home” (nit,lag, tag etc) is key to winning.
    The same is true in the markets, Find your “home” and move in.
    I like to take a position for 10 minutes 10 or 20 times a day, The other
    extreme is to take and hold a position for 1 year+. Like poker both styles have thier merits and drawbacks but if you’re not comfortable with a style it’ll never work for you.

    If you are an above average ( I.E. Winning ) gambler then you will almost certainly be an above average market trader.
    Be prepared to lose, Be prepared to pay for your education, but above all get stuck in and find what works for you and what doesn’t, You will fail in the begining, and like poker some lessons cost more than others. But if you’ve got
    what it take to win at poker you’ve got more than it takes
    to beat the shit out of the old fogies that play the money markets.

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