I agree.

This guy’s statement echoes many of my feelings regarding President Bush.

Also, LOL secret service. Don’t they know people shouldn’t be allowed to wear shoes to press conferences?

4 thoughts on “I agree.

  1. macleod51

    I’m torn on this….because I’m pretty sure that in the same spot, that shoe drills me in the face. I don’t have moves like GW I guess.

  2. Easycure

    The best thing is that the guy who threw the shoes had the freedom to do so, which he didn’t have when Saddam was in power. Oh, and that applies to all of teh Iraqi people. They are all more free.

    If that guy throws his shows at Saddam back in the day, he gets imprisoned, his wife and daughters get raped in front of him, his sons are shot, and the rest of his family lives in fear of their lives.

    Yeah, so maybe Bush wasn’t your favorite. But at least he stands up against terrorist, unlike anyone on the Democratic side. History will treat him kind, even if the media over the last 8 years hasn’t.

    The show throwing guy is in the minority in his own country.

  3. Nat Post author

    Saddam was a terrorist against America? That’s news to me. Why didn’t George Bush invade every other country that abuses its citizens and human rights? hrmmmmmmm

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