Rakeback Followup

As a followup to my post about rakeback options, I want to make everyone aware, that, if you do sign up for a Cake Poker network rakeback account, do NOT do it at CardSpike.  CardSpike is a rogue skin on the Cake Poker network that has been delaying making payouts for months now.  You can read more about it here and here.

If you’re going to sign up for rakeback on the Cake Network, do it either at Cake Poker or at Players Only. There are many reputable rakeback operators who run rakeback on these networks. For instance, I just linked to This Is The Nuts, which offers both sites (along with big rake races and freerolls). PocketFives Rakeback offers both rooms. In my previous post I linked to RakeBrain, which is another reputable operator. And there are others as well that will always pay you your money on time. Of course, TITN’s rake races ($15,000 monthly at Cake, $10,000 monthly at Players Only) are much bigger than the small rake races at a place like rakebrain ($3000 monthly at Cake, $0 on Players Only from what I can see), so you should take that into account. Because, even if reputable rakeback sites will pay you, some others will pay you more.

But either way, do NOT open an account on CardSpike. Also, please tell you friends about the CardSpike situation so no one else gets caught up in it.

6 thoughts on “Rakeback Followup

  1. Ben

    I think you should clarify your post and point out that the delays have been with affiliate and not player payments. I have not seen hardly any if any complaints concerning player payments.

  2. Nat Post author

    It really doesn’t matter to me. If anyone who is owed money is not getting paid by CardSpike, then I feel like the room should not be supported by anyone. Especially considering the way they’ve given affiliates the run-around, I feel like CardSpike would be best off if they just folded their skin and moved on (after paying everyone what they’re owed).

  3. Ben

    Can’t say I really disagree with that and I must say I love your blog but if you’re concerned with warning potential players about problem sites with potential payment problems I wouldn’t be referring players to Player’s Only. They may be promoted by some big affiliates but their parent company and the sites owned by them have stiffed a number sportsbettors. Not to mention they use the same payment processor as Cardspike and also tell players that payments take 4-8 weeks.

  4. Nat Post author

    Interesting, I was unaware of the sportsbetting issue. I’d like to know more… any links?

    I don’t think using the same payment processor is a problem though… right?

    Also, slow payments are somewhat a product of the times. At least they ARE paying people (from what I know).

  5. Ben

    Player’s Only and Sportsbook are both owned by Jazette which owns a number of other cake skins and sportsbetting sites. They may not be stiffing poker players but they have a number of winning sportsbettors. You can check out some of the complaints about them at SportsBookReview.

    I don’t think slow payments are a given players should just accept even under present conditions. PokerStars gets checks to me in around a weeks time. The situation may be tougher finding payment processors for sportsbooks but even Bodog has gotten it’s act together and I’m now receiving checks from them in about ten days. Four-Eight weeks though is ludicrous!

  6. JJ Daigle

    I am holding 2 bad cashout checks from Playersonly.
    total of $800.
    they are stonewalling me on making them good.

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