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As you know if you have read my “TV Shows” page, you know that I like to watch a lot of TV.  Granted, I haven’t updated that page in months (sad, I know).  But I haven’t stopped watching TV!  I still watch a lot of TV basically every day.  I’m not a TV watcher like the person who lounges on the couch flipping around for hours on end watching nothing in particular.  I don’t watch the news, talk shows or late night TV.  Outside of a relatively limited dosage of sports (due to living in CR, it’s hard for me to follow sports like I used to), I basically only watch prime-time style shows.  Lots of scripted shows, a few reality shows, competition stuff, a few mixed ones (ie, The Ultimate Fighter), etc.  I also tend to watch entire seasons all at once as opposed to watching new episodes as they’re released every week.

My problem is that I don’t really like how I ended up laying out that page I linked to above.  It isn’t very user-friendly and it just doesn’t work well.  I needed a way to blog about TV, but not clog up the main page on this blog all the time.  Therefore, I am announcing my first blog spin-off.  I don’t really expect any more spin-offs, but you never know.  I purchased the domain “” and I am in the process of getting it set up to be my TV-related blog — There’s nothing at the domain right now.  I will be redirecting that link above to the new site and I’ll get a much more comprehensive TV show site set up.  Granted it won’t be like… anything extraordinary.  It will simply be my thoughts on a lot of TV shows.  But at least it will be organized and easier to navigate.

I’ll post more here when it’s set up — I’m predicting a few weeks.  Any other TV junkies out there?

9 thoughts on “Some TV stuff

  1. lj

    <— tv junkie

    w/ you on wire, dexter, bsg, office and 30 rock (oprah ep this season was hilarious)

    check out true blood on dvd, it starts slooooow, but gets better. i just finished second season of big love on hbo and while it’s no six feet under or wire, it’s amazing that they’ve created a watchable show about polygamy. it took awhile, but i’ve also come around to fringe — it’s basically an x files rip off, but not as bad as its first few eps indicated.

    look forward to the new tv site!

  2. lj

    ps if you haven’t seen, check out the state within, a bbc miniseries from a few years ago. it’s a concise, british 24.

  3. macleod51

    Have you ever tried to watch Weeds? I saw my first episode last week and burned through (lol, such punaments) the first four seasons pretty quickly; finished the Season 4 finale last night. I didn’t think I’d like the show, but ended up loving it. Like the TV blog idea.

  4. Drew

    Two shows I think you would love that were missing from your TV page:

    Curb Your Enthusiasm: Best comedy on television. Season two of The Office tops any single season of CYE but in it’s entirety, Curb is better than any running comedy.

    Rome: Two seasons wasn’t enough, this show is tremendous. Right up there with The Sopranos and The Wire in my opinion.

  5. Nat Post author


    I still need to watch Weeds – I’ve heard very good things.


    I’ve seen every Curb and every Rome. Both very good (I wish they made more Rome seasons also, awesome show).

    They will both be on the TV blog.

  6. Nancy

    Like you, I love to watch entire seasons at a time. Some great series that I don’t see on your list are: Nip Tuck, Damages, The Tudors, Mad Men, Friday Night Lights….these are just a few — I’m sure I’ll come up with some more.

  7. Nat Post author

    I’ve watched all of Mad Men (on your recommendation!)

    I have nip/tuck queued up and ready to go. I tried watching FNL and I couldn’t get into it initially, but I will make another go. I need to get copies of Damages and The Tudors.

    Thanks for the recs!

  8. Nancy

    DVD’s were big on Michael’s Christmas list as he watches whole series on his trips to Europe. So this is what I got him — full seasons of….Dexter, The Shield, 24, Weeds, Nip Tuck, Damages, Mad Men, Sopranos (Season 5 and Season 6). I just know he’s going to love Nip Tuck.

  9. lj

    i left you two comments last week but for some reason they never posted. anyway i can’t remember much of what i wrote but i recommend true blood. it starts slooow, but gets better. also, it’s more of a miniseries than a tv show, but check out the state within — it’s basically a british 24, and really good!

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