Sick Earthquake

Yet another earthquake hit Costa Rica today.  I was out to lunch and the whole restaurant started shaking.  I saw a guy starting to run outside, so I decided to follow his lead.  We stood outside for a few minutes and then eventually went back inside to finish up our meal.  It was by far the most severe earthquake I’d ever been through.  Here’s a news article about it: Strong earthquake shakes Costa Rica.

Anyway, I got back to the office to see a little damage. Part of our ceiling is falling out, as seen in the following iPhone pic:

Luckily, I don’t know of anyone who was hurt.  I do know of at least one friend whose house sustained some damage.  I haven’t been back to my place so I’m not sure how it’s doing, but hopefully nothing is broken or cracked.

Costa Rica is crazy!

4 thoughts on “Sick Earthquake

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    In Costa Rica there was some medium material damages,
    But it is not to alarm the world.
    Most of the damages are around the Poas Volcano.

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  2. Nat Post author

    What do you mean by “where” I work? Like location? Name of the company? What we do?

    If so, answer is:

    -Escazu, Costa Rica (near San Jose)
    -The name of the overarching company wouldn’t mean anything to you, it’s just meaningless letters.
    -We run a bunch of poker-related sites. Nothing that’s an actual gaming site though. Some of the sites we run include PokerSourceOnline and PocketFives.

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