Grand Cayman

I’m here on Grand Cayman island in the Caribbean. We’re a bit southwest of Cuba — and actually not all that far from Costa Rica. The reason I’m here is for a business trip, so I’m with a bunch of my business partners from Costa Rica. We flew here yesterday (Friday) but because there aren’t any direct flights, we had to fly through Miami (in the process flying almost directly over Grand Cayman).

Overall, the trip was pretty miserable. I’d been back in Costa Rica for like 4 days and I was feeling awful the whole time. Very stuffed up and I had a rough time sleeping due to the allergies. My normal loratadine pills (ie, Claritin) were not working at all. Just a terrible week. Then the earthquake hit and my place has some relatively minor damage, but that definitely didn’t help my mood. Anyway, I have a very hard time flying when I have had sinus trouble over the previous few days. Occasionally, I get sinus headaches during the descent. I can only describe these headaches as the worst pain I have ever felt in my life — by far. I’ve broken a number of bones in my life along with some other painful experiences and nothing compares to these headaches. It feels like someone is stabbing a knife through your forehead. I’ve been told that sinus headaches are caused by blockages in air passageways in your skull and the expanding/contracting air causes the pain. Who knows if that’s right but, whatever the case, I got some slight headache pains, but I never got a full-blown one. THANK GOD. I was scared shitless during the second flight the entire time.

Anyway, here’s a pic:

(This island is nice)

3 thoughts on “Grand Cayman

  1. Unknown Webmaster

    Sounds awfull.

    I tend to get sinus problems too.

    Have you tried holding your nose while blowing (don’t do this on takeoff)? It usually does the trick for me.
    Yawning also helps some times.

    If you have a cold, you should definitely get hold of some nasal spray.

    I know that some companies make earplugs for equilazing the pressure in your ears on takeoff/landing. I have no idea whether they work or not..

  2. Nat Post author

    Yea, blowing my nose while holding it is the one thing that causes the headache to go away. It’s tricky for me though because I need to do it pro-actively. If I wait too long, then I get the headache and it is hard to get it to go away. But if I do it too often, then I find it actually gives me a headache. I usually do a combination of that, yawning and swallowing to keep everything in check.

    And yes, I am definitely going to use nasal spray for the Cayman-Miami and Miami-Costa Rica flights. Then I’m going to see an ENT doctor and see if there’s anything that can be done to help me going forward. I’m totally paranoid when I’m flying and it has nothing to do with potential crashes…

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