Good News, Bad News

I’ll start off with the bad news.  The Eagles lost.  Very sad, it would have been cool if they’d gotten into the Super Bowl.  I also technically bet my first born child (and lost) with a friend of mine from law school.  Luckily I don’t think my friend will make me pay up.

The good news is that I also won a bet.  While at the beach this morning with sub and his girlfriend, sub and I agreed to bet on the Eagles game at 3.5 points.  I took the Cardinals and the points as an emotional hedge (being from Philly and all).  The bet?  1 trillion Zimbabwe dollars payable in actual Zimbabwe currency.  After the Cards went up something like 24-6, sub bought out for 100 billion Zimbabwe dollars.  That means he bought out for like 3 bucks on a 30 dollar bet.  I was cool with it though — I just wanted to lock up some actual Zimbabwe currency.  I couldn’t possibly care less about the actual value of it.  Anyway, I now have this fine bill on its way (thanks eBay) to my house:

It turns out that, with the eBay premium and shipping, sub actually lost $9.81.  Ship it.

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