Back in Escazu

Well I dropped yellowsub and his girlfriend off at the San Jose airport yesterday after a great weekend out at Manuel Antonio.  I’m guessing some of you might know this, but Manuel Antonio is a beautiful beach area in Costa Rica.  It’s also a National Park which, predictably, the town borders.  In my opinion, the ocean views in Manuel Antonio are up there with the best in the world.  If you view the sunset from the right spot, it’s just incredible.  There are also huge cliffs and great condos to stay at.  The one we stayed at is approximately 500 feet above the water and the view is really beyond belief.  In addition to all of that, Manuel Antonio has some really nice beaches and during the Costa Rican dry season (Dec to Apr/May), the weather is beautiful nearly every day.  Highly recommended if you ever want a cool place to travel.  Here are some pictures, but I left sub’s girlfriend out of the blog pics just in case she wants to remain private.

That’s sub and I on the beach for the sunset.

This is a picture I took with some slightly altered exposure settings (using my incredible knowledge being a pro photog and all… just kidding obv). But the pic still came out cool.

Sub and I in the water on “3rd beach” inside Manuel Antonio National Park. I think it’s the nicest beach in the area.

This is a self-taken shot on the main public beach in Manuel Antonio (also known as Playa Espadilla). It isn’t quite as nice a beach as the national park one, but it’s great nonetheless.

On another note, shortly after that last picture was taken, we headed back to my car and drove up the hill to get some lunch. We went to this awesome place called Cafe Agua Azul. It has great views and pretty good food, so it’s a top pick as a lunch spot. Anyway, a few minutes after sitting down, I turned around and did a double-take after seeing someone that looked a LOT like Matt “Hoss_TBF” Hawrilenko. I obviously knew of him, but I don’t think I’d ever conversed with him before. In case you’re unaware, he’s basically an online limit holdem god and he’s universally considered to be one of the best limit holdem players in the world. So I went up to him and I was like “ummm, are you Matt?” to which he responded “Yea?” after which it devolved into the usual “oh I’m involved in online poker too”/”Nice to meet you”/”Small world”/etc sort of convo, but I didn’t think he had any idea who I was so I took my seat again and went back to eating. Later in the meal, he came over and was like “are you the guy who did all that stuff for AP and UB?” to which I said “yea” and thought to myself… “I guess I am better known for AP/UB than I am for thepokerdb… sigh”. Then we had a nice little chat. I feel a little bad because at one point I brought up his 2k/4k sessions against Ivey in which he suffered some huge losses. At the time, I didn’t realize how bad the losses were. Probably never should have brought it up unless I knew it wasn’t that big a deal. Whatever though, he’s a smart player, I’m sure he can deal with it. In case you want to check out Matt’s blog, you can do so here: Hoss_TBF’s live journal.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful.

5 thoughts on “Back in Escazu

  1. Ztrain

    According to Hoss’s journal entry dated 11/5/08 he received nearly 80K in refunds from UB. I hope he bought you lunch! :)

  2. Mark; poker bankroll management

    Great looking pics. Wish I was somewhere where you can wear wear shorts.
    It’s snowing and grey outside my apartment in Denmark right now:-(
    Mind you the bad weather does remove some of the guilty conscience of sitting inside and playing poker all weekend:-)
    On side note would you be interested in doing a link exchange with my site? Drop me a line at and we can exchange link details.

    Best Regards


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