In the spirit of the News Views and Gossip forum on 2p2, I present you with a “View”:

Costa Rican buses would not be popular in the Middle East.


3 thoughts on “Explobus

  1. Nat Post author

    (12:26:13 PM) shaniac: Costa Rican buses WOULD be popular in the Middle East.
    (12:26:20 PM) GIFAFI: lolol
    (12:26:24 PM) shaniac: they should market to terrorists
    (12:26:46 PM) GIFAFI: you’re a glass is half-full guy aren’t you

  2. Michael Josem

    Maybe the ‘explobus’ has special features, like specially designed glass that shatters in such a way as to minimise damage and reduce pressure in the bus in the event of a bomb.

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