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My jailbait rankings are out of control

This is seriously ridiculous.  I am getting tons of search traffic from some jailbait terms.  All because of a post that I made back in may 2008:

Note, there’s no jailbait on there!  I feel like I am letting down all of those guys out there that are searching for some 18 year old (not younger!!) hot girl pics.  At the very least, my page ranking so high for these terms is deceptive.  Here are my search clicks from the last 30 days:

I feel like there are a few possible courses of action.

  1. Find a porn site that will buy advertising on that page.  This is obviously the most lucrative option, but I am unsure if I want to even cross that toe into being able to say that “I’m in the porn business.”  I mean, whenever I tell people that I work on websites and web marketing, the ONE THING I can always say is “I’ve never touched the whole online porn thing.”  If I did this, that kind of becomes a lie, even if it’s just an ad deal.
  2. Put up a few jailbait pics.  Pretty simple.  But I don’t really want to take the chance of putting up some girl’s pics who doesn’t want them up on the web, so I’d have to make sure that they are professional enough to the point that she DEFINITELY knew it was a professional shoot and those pics were going up somewhere.  But then I take the chance of putting up some copyrighted pics, blah blah blah.  Who knows how aggressive those porn lawyers are.  I’ve never met a porn lawyer so I wouldn’t know.  There’s definitely a little risk involved.
  3. Put up a big bit of text at the top that says “Go Away Sicko”.  This would, somewhat, be the pot calling the kettle black.  I like pictures of hot girls.  I can’t say that I routinely visit “jailbait” galleries but I enjoy Maxim as much as the next guy.  So it would definitely be a little hypocritical and soapboxy to do that.
  4. Just put a few helpful links up to jailbait galleries.  Let them click away and get on with their business (enjoy that mental image that I just put in your head?  I though so…).  This is pretty painless and easy, but less fun.
  5. Redirect that specific entry to something those guys obviously don’t want to see.  The things that come to mind are:, a gay porn site,, some granny porn site, the view’s page on, etc.  Obviously this sort of thing would not last long because google would remove my rankings pretty quickly.  But it could be good for a laugh or two (at least, at the thought of what is happening to those guys).
  6. Put up a custom error message.  I’m sure you’ve seen those “Internal Server Error” messages.  I could put something up that says like “Error 508: Page Removed by Dateline NBC.  Your IP has been logged.”  This would also get my page removed by Google pretty quickly.
  7. Take the page down normally.  Not too much fun to do this.
  8. Just leave it as-is.  No fun at all!

Anyway, I’m weighing my options.  Let me know what you think I should do.

In honor of moving out…

… I finally decided to take some pictures.  My building has this roof deck, pictured here:

It’s a very nice place to go fall asleep/get sun burned. My condo also has a pretty sick sunset view which I always see out the back of my place, but I never really bother to actually go look at from the roof.

Here’s a picture looking out across the central valley in Costa Rica. I’m basically looking in a north-northwest direction there towards the airport which is west of the city. If you panned to the right and nothing was in the way, you would see San Jose.

Here’s a view of a zoomed in picture looking south from my building up into “hills” of Escazu. My business partners live up in this general area.

And here’s a picture looking in the same direction, but zoomed back out. I drew a red circle which represents the picture above.

According to Google Earth, those buildings you can see in the hills are about 1.1 miles from my building by air.

Anyway, those are the pictures I took. I am moving out sometime in the next few weeks, but starting tomorrow I’m getting some fix-up work done to get my place ready to be put on the market.

Have a good week.

Atlantis “Find”: Media = Idiots

I keep seeing this retarded story in the media about how Google Earth “found” the long-lost city of Atlantis.  It’s possibly the dumbest news story I’ve ever seen.  The journalists writing about it apparently have no idea how to use the tool they’re writing about.  Here’s an example of a story: Okay, now here’s the picture that everyone is talking about (with a little editing from me):

Okay, yes, there are obviously man-made lines in the bottom of the ocean.  No doubt about that.  But… streets?  LOLOLOL.  I don’t think so.  First, why would unpaved streets from an ancient city even be visible.  Second, and proving my point re: media is that it’s 126 miles from corner to corner.  Some of those “streets” are tens of miles apart.  Google Earth could have told you that using the ruler function I’m using above. So, yes, I’m sure an ancient city was built on an 8,000 square mile bit of land. Makes total sense given their transportation situation in those days. For reference, New Jersey is 8,700 square miles.

Yet, somehow, there are hundreds of stories about this subject: Sad…

Some Work Stuff

As many of you know, I work with the company that owns PocketFives and PokerSource (formerly PokerSourceOnline).  We also have a poker news site at It’s very good site for poker news. I really believe that even though I’m obviously biased.

However, as many of you know, a few days ago the “Durrrr Challenge” started on FTP. I knew that we should cover it on PND, but I just didn’t know how we should. On the one hand, we have a regular posting schedule on PND to make sure that a few articles get posted every day, that certain ones get featured, etc, etc. It would have messed with our normal routine to end up with huge bursts of various news related to the challenge. So I thought it might be best to create a separate website with a skinned version of the PND design and we could just talk about it on PND to make sure our regular readers knew where to go for Durrrr Challenge related news. So I went looking for a domain. Surprisingly, was available. EASY pickup. I knew it was going to be a good move for us to set up shop re: challenge news on the separate domain. That way we could post all the time and never interfere with PND’s normal operations. So anyway, you can now follow the durrrr challenge over there.

We’re about to announce a pretty cool contest on there and it’ll be a solid money-making opportunity for anyone who plans on railbirding the challenge. I will followup with more details soon (we’ll be hammering out everything early this week, so I expect I should be able to announce it mid-week or maybe late in the week if we hit a snag).

So far, Patrik is up like $57k after 3000 hands. Only 47,000 hands to go! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read about the challenge).

PS – I’m a pretty lucky guy that stuff like this is “work” for me.

Thoughts on Poker After Dark

I’ve watched the first two episodes featuring Cole, Taylor and David.  Other than HSP and a select few WPT/WSOP episodes that my friends were on, this is pretty much the first poker I’ve watched on TV in years.  I just can’t sit there and watch ESPN’s dumbed down 1 hour coverage.  It isn’t interesting unless I know someone at the table.  Same with the WPT.  Both of the shows did so little to innovate their coverage I think they bored their audiences to death with the exact same thing over and over.  Which is why the WPT is failing and the WSOP has seen mostly declining ratings.  But I am digressing.  Anyway, I watched the first two PAD episodes because I somewhat know all three of those guys.  At least, I’ve met and chatted with all of them at some point.  I wouldn’t say I’m good friends with any of them, but I read Taylor and Raptor’s blogs and they kept talking about it, so I figured I should watch it.

My thoughts:

  1. I’m loving that they’re calling him “Raptor Benefield”.  I actually LOLed for a solid fifteen seconds when the announcer said that the first time.  Someone should explain to the announcer that it is acceptable to call him “David Benefield”, “David” or simply “Raptor”.  Not “Raptor Benefield”.  That’s just retarded.
  2. I was LOVING cts’ own on Doyle when Doyle was like “haven’t we played together before” and Cole got this quizzical look on his face and was like “maybe in a tournament sometime“?  God that was awesome.  When Doyle asks that question to 99% of poker players, he either gets a “no” or a “yea we played together in event #22 of the 2007 WSOP when I was in Seat 2 and you were in Seat 5.  We played three hands together and I won all three.  It was the highlight of my poker playing career.”  Or something like that.  He had to have been shocked when cts said that.
  3. Raptor is a really sick player.  I know I’m judging him on two episodes of TV poker, but I think I really under-rate the guy in my mind.  I often think of him as like durrrr jr just because they owned that place in Texas together.  I never think of him like a real nosebleed sicko even though I probably should.  He’s definitely earned it with his results.  I mean… he’s no Phil Ivey, but his live table presence and decisions have really impressed me thus far this week.
  4. I don’t know how many of you watch Flight of the Conchords, but one of the recent episodes was “Murray Takes It To the Next Level”.  I won’t write about the episode, but one part was that Murray’s friend “Jim” was that guy who asks like 18 billion questions.  Like a string of 25 questions each getting like <5 word answers.  I’ve determined Cole South is a Jim.  Just to be clear: NOTHING wrong with that.  I think cts is one of the nicest people I’ve met in poker.  But damn he asks a lot of questions.  He basically asks the whole table how they got started, their favorite colors, their favorite dish soap, which movies they like, etc.  Okay, I might have exaggerated a little there, but not a lot.
  5. Poor Gabe Kaplan.

Good first two episodes.  I’ll be checking out the rest of them as the week goes on.

Great Success

I am happy to report that I successfully acquired  I recently received an email with the following subject:

Congratulations, you have acquired

You will all be wowed when you see what I do with this gem of a domain.  It will be huge.

For all of you that wrote to me wanting to invest in this new venture,* I am happy to report that I will consider the idea of outside investors into my newly formed company Fart News Int’l LLC.  I expect to be Google-sized in a year or two.

*aka, no one