Doug Mand on 30 Rock, College Humor show soon

A few days back I got an email from my friend Eric saying that our high school classmate Doug Mand was going to be on the College Humor show on MTV.  And that he was also on 30 Rock.  I usually watch 30 Rock just after it airs on Thursdays, but I’ve been pretty engrossed in “The Unit” lately and I was holding off on catching up on current TV.  Anyway, due to Eric’s email, I decided to take a short break from The Unit and watch last Thursday’s episode.  Sure enough, there’s Doug in the beginning of the episode playing a laid-off Wall Street banker who was hired as an intern at NBC.  Here’s a screenshot:

Doug Mand

That’s Doug on our left in the red tie.

Anyway, my loyal blog readers will recall this post (Doug Mand on College Humor) where I talk about Doug and some of my other talented high school classmates. If you read that, you would know that I am not the least bit surprised to see him show up in a short spot on 30 Rock. I also won’t be surprised when he gets some one or two-line roles at some point. And when he gets a supporting actor job after that. And when he’s the lead in something after that. And when he gets his own show at some point. I’m being completely serious too — I’m pretty sure it’s going to work out well for this guy if he keeps at the whole acting/comedy thing.

Either way, you read it here first.

In other news, I am planning on moving to Grand Cayman in March. I will be writing a more extensive blog entry about leaving Costa Rica and why it’s happening at some point this week.

6 thoughts on “Doug Mand on 30 Rock, College Humor show soon

  1. jeff

    damn read your blog everyday , how can you throw the cayman island thing in there and not tell everyone, on another note, i emailed advertising@fivesmail, about something i wrote you i was working on a few months ago, any chance of haivng a phone conversation with them about advertising?

  2. sprstoner

    i been thinking about moving to grand caymen, also been thinking about a few other islands, hopefully i can learn a bit more and make a good choice.

    the timing for me, i guess, depends on what exactly happens with online poker in the US within the next year.

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