Great Success

I am happy to report that I successfully acquired  I recently received an email with the following subject:

Congratulations, you have acquired

You will all be wowed when you see what I do with this gem of a domain.  It will be huge.

For all of you that wrote to me wanting to invest in this new venture,* I am happy to report that I will consider the idea of outside investors into my newly formed company Fart News Int’l LLC.  I expect to be Google-sized in a year or two.

*aka, no one

5 thoughts on “Great Success

  1. Eric

    1. nice related posts. 2. put me down for 10% of the venture 3. stop changing the name of the llc, it shows weakness 4. high 5. alright.

  2. Planet Mark

    Nice domain… maybe you can now help us solve the age-old fart mystery:

    Is it true that ‘the one that smelt it, dealt it’ ?

    Or rather ‘the guy why made the rhyme did the crime’ ?


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