Atlantis “Find”: Media = Idiots

I keep seeing this retarded story in the media about how Google Earth “found” the long-lost city of Atlantis.  It’s possibly the dumbest news story I’ve ever seen.  The journalists writing about it apparently have no idea how to use the tool they’re writing about.  Here’s an example of a story: Okay, now here’s the picture that everyone is talking about (with a little editing from me):

Okay, yes, there are obviously man-made lines in the bottom of the ocean.  No doubt about that.  But… streets?  LOLOLOL.  I don’t think so.  First, why would unpaved streets from an ancient city even be visible.  Second, and proving my point re: media is that it’s 126 miles from corner to corner.  Some of those “streets” are tens of miles apart.  Google Earth could have told you that using the ruler function I’m using above. So, yes, I’m sure an ancient city was built on an 8,000 square mile bit of land. Makes total sense given their transportation situation in those days. For reference, New Jersey is 8,700 square miles.

Yet, somehow, there are hundreds of stories about this subject: Sad…

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