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As many of you know, I work with the company that owns PocketFives and PokerSource (formerly PokerSourceOnline).  We also have a poker news site at It’s very good site for poker news. I really believe that even though I’m obviously biased.

However, as many of you know, a few days ago the “Durrrr Challenge” started on FTP. I knew that we should cover it on PND, but I just didn’t know how we should. On the one hand, we have a regular posting schedule on PND to make sure that a few articles get posted every day, that certain ones get featured, etc, etc. It would have messed with our normal routine to end up with huge bursts of various news related to the challenge. So I thought it might be best to create a separate website with a skinned version of the PND design and we could just talk about it on PND to make sure our regular readers knew where to go for Durrrr Challenge related news. So I went looking for a domain. Surprisingly, was available. EASY pickup. I knew it was going to be a good move for us to set up shop re: challenge news on the separate domain. That way we could post all the time and never interfere with PND’s normal operations. So anyway, you can now follow the durrrr challenge over there.

We’re about to announce a pretty cool contest on there and it’ll be a solid money-making opportunity for anyone who plans on railbirding the challenge. I will followup with more details soon (we’ll be hammering out everything early this week, so I expect I should be able to announce it mid-week or maybe late in the week if we hit a snag).

So far, Patrik is up like $57k after 3000 hands. Only 47,000 hands to go! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read about the challenge).

PS – I’m a pretty lucky guy that stuff like this is “work” for me.

6 thoughts on “Some Work Stuff

  1. Mark

    I saw this a few days ago and I guess Im not surprised this was your doing. Im a little bit surprised that Antonius is up 60K. I would have thought someone would have had a bigger swing by now.

  2. Pokerfornia

    Hi Nat,

    I notice that you are using 3 different types of anchors for the outbound links to Is this for readers only, or driven by SEO ? I always wonder whether all the anchors count when you have multiple links from 1 source point to the same destination.

    Kickass site,


  3. Tom

    Nice micro-site! Way to leap on a meme :-)

    I’ve subscribed to the site – is there any planned strategy coverage at any stage? I’d love to see some analysis on who’s actually playing better and how they’re each adapting to the other’s game.

    That said, I guess over 50,000 hands the $ will tell the story!

  4. Nat Post author

    Yea, there will be strategy analysis. We also have a number of other things to add to it, a bunch of which will be done this week.

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