In honor of moving out…

… I finally decided to take some pictures.  My building has this roof deck, pictured here:

It’s a very nice place to go fall asleep/get sun burned. My condo also has a pretty sick sunset view which I always see out the back of my place, but I never really bother to actually go look at from the roof.

Here’s a picture looking out across the central valley in Costa Rica. I’m basically looking in a north-northwest direction there towards the airport which is west of the city. If you panned to the right and nothing was in the way, you would see San Jose.

Here’s a view of a zoomed in picture looking south from my building up into “hills” of Escazu. My business partners live up in this general area.

And here’s a picture looking in the same direction, but zoomed back out. I drew a red circle which represents the picture above.

According to Google Earth, those buildings you can see in the hills are about 1.1 miles from my building by air.

Anyway, those are the pictures I took. I am moving out sometime in the next few weeks, but starting tomorrow I’m getting some fix-up work done to get my place ready to be put on the market.

Have a good week.

3 thoughts on “In honor of moving out…

  1. Stefano

    Hey men, how are you? I stumbled up on the cheating scandal blog, and found it amazing! Im starting to play poker and had been considering play some online money, but I think i will stay to a real tourney once i get my skills up a bit. Nice view of Pequeño Mundo!Haha, Cheers from San Jose CR

  2. Nat Post author

    LOL Pequeño Mundo. I still haven’t been there! And yet I live like two minutes away.

    Best of luck with the poker.

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