I’m in Grand Cayman

Finally got here earlier this evening.  Lugging around all my crap for a few days in Miami was not fun at all.  However, I did get to spend some rare time with family while I was in Miami so it made it worth it to do an extended layover (otherwise known as an overlay to some poker players).

My first impression of the apartment in Cayman is that it’s pretty nice.  I am only staying in this apartment until July but I’m pretty happy with it so far.  I’ll probably get around to taking some pictures sooner or later and posting them on here.

My primary dilemma right now is transportation.  I could buy a car but the island is very small and I won’t be driving a lot with the exception of grocery shopping and going to the gym.  Most other things I could take cabs for.  The problem is that my current location is way beyond walking range for the grocery store and the gym.  It’s like 30-40 minutes each way.  While I could swing that in a jog-there and jog-back scenario with the gym I don’t think that’s possible to do on a regular basis with the grocery store when I’m buying drinks, frozen stuff, etc.  I would need to walk there and cab back which is obviously quite annoying.  To top all of that off, once I move this summer I will be within easy walking distance of the gym (<5 minutes) but still out of range for the grocery store — even though I will be much closer to the grocery store.  So, basically, I need a car for the grocery store or I need to cab around (much more common than you would think — it’s like NYC here cab-wise).

My other main alternative is to bike everywhere.  I don’t have a problem biking to the grocery store but biking back would be a problem.  Trying to bike back with eggs or something seems like a nightmare.  And I wouldn’t be able to buy that much without affecting my balance.  So that’s pretty much out of the question also.

So, after that long ramble, I’m left basically needing a car.  The annoying thing is that car taxes here are very high and you barely use the car which I’m told is pretty bad for a car to go on mostly 5 minute drives a few times per week.  But I don’t think I have much of a choice so I guess I have to get it…

13 thoughts on “I’m in Grand Cayman

  1. James

    Something like a motor scooter out of the question? I don’t know how much you will be buying at a time.

  2. Nat Post author

    Yea I forgot to mention that option. I guess I need to learn how to ride one. The downsides to a scooter or motorcycle are

    a) safety
    b) rainy season

  3. lj

    i rode my bike around amsterdam all the time w/ groceries. just get a doublesided bag like most of the dutch use.

  4. tedtodd

    safety….bleh. Just be concious of the vehicles around you.

    Tons of fun. A motorcycle would be fun, but if you’re not experienced, and don’t love speed/adrenline, then just get a scooter/vespa or something. TONS OF FUN.

  5. Nat Post author

    golf cart sounds sweet. island is a little too big for that though.

    i blame the island for that whole grocery delivery thing too.

  6. h

    get a bike. a basket would work fine with groceries. or one of those funny standing scooter things would be entertaining.

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