Cayman Update

I’ve made a few bits of progress thus far. I picked up a Cayman driver’s license yesterday. I also went grocery shopping two nights ago. And I started the car shopping process. Right now I think I’m leaning towards an Audi A3 but it isn’t an overwhelmingly perfect car. I need to see exactly what I can pick it up for and then evaluate the situation from there. I am pretty sure that I’m going with a car though (see comments on my previous post).

I also took a few pictures. I don’t really have any of the general island yet because I haven’t had my camera with me on my few trips out around the island. These are of the apartment.

This is my TV setup in my room. It’s a 23″ Apple cinema display that I brought from Costa Rica hooked up to a Mac mini and some hard drives.

This is my current “workstation” although I admittedly haven’t gotten a ton done yet. It’s pretty hard to work in that setup so I’m hoping to find a better solution soon. There isn’t a good spot for me to put a desk. However, I am moving into my permanent apartment in a few months so it should get better by then for sure.

That’s a picture of the grounds looking off the porch. It’s pretty spectacular in my opinion. I need to go get goggles so I can swim some laps in the pool.

2 thoughts on “Cayman Update

  1. Dad

    Nice apartment and view
    biking with groceries should not be a problem for your balance and rain is only water

  2. krustyDC

    Geez man, you made it. Nothing more to reach for :)

    If it’s mostly for groceries rain shouldn’t be a major counter-argument against bike/vespa/motorcycle since you could do that whenever it doesn’t.
    If it has to be a car, aren’t there any ones smaller than the A3 you could live with? :) Or wouldn’t a convertible be the perfect companion?
    I’m pretty sure current motors don’t have that much trouble with driving many short distances. Althoug you might want to go for a used car that has been driven well the first few hundred miles, since this is kind of determining for the motors future, at least it’s mileage.

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