Cayman Weekend Wrapup

On Saturday we went over to the Westin Hotel on Seven Mile Beach. Sub and his girlfriend wanted to snorkel so we rented some equipment at the hotel. I couldn’t find a mask that would provide suction on my face. None of them were wide enough. I just swam around and whatnot while they snorkeled at Governor’s Reef (it’s a small reef very close to shore) for about 30-45 minutes. Then we went to go get some food across the street at a sports bar place called “Legendz”. They have pretty good food despite the lame name.

After food we went back over to the Westin and rented some Seadoos. Sub and his girlfriend were on a two person one and I was on a single person one. We did that for 30 minutes and we got some pictures on a waterproof camera but they still need to be developed. I’ll post them here whenever I get a copy of them.

Today we went over to the Ritz-Carlton around 1 PM for their legendary “Sunday Brunch”. It’s basically the best buffet I’ve ever been to in my life. The Las Vegas buffets don’t even come CLOSE in terms of quality. Unfortunately, because I am not currently eating gluten, it just didn’t make sense for me to get the buffet. Pretty much the only stuff I could eat was sushi and fruit. Which doesn’t justify a $100 pricetag. So instead I ordered off the menu while sub and his girlfriend got the buffet. Here’s a picture of me sitting at the table:

The girl over my left shoulder was pretty hot but she didn’t really come out well in the pic. Here are a couple pictures of the selection of food:

That’s really only a small part of it though. Tons and tons of stuff and they give you a few hours to pack it in. After that, we walked along the beach back to my car. Here’s a pic of sub and I walking with the Ritz in the background:

To put it mildly, Seven Mile beach is incredible. It’s got great sand, great water, great views, not too crowded, etc. Highly highly recommended.

Also, we saw this weird boat offshore. Here’s a picture of it. Does anyone know what sort of boat this is?

Also, later in the day today we went out on the boat in the sound so sub and his girlfriend could do some tubing. I think they had a good time — sub ended up falling off at one point so he’s probably going to have a bruise or two tomorrow. Tomorrow we have a few hours in the morning before I have to take them to the airport for the flight back to Atlanta. Fun weekend though!

2 thoughts on “Cayman Weekend Wrapup

  1. Roger

    Im kind of curious what that boat is used for. It’s the ugliest boat I’ve ever seen if for recreational purposes.

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