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I’m currently at home in Philadelphia for a visit with my family and to deal with the various things that always need dealing with back at home. As I’ve written about in the last few months, I haven’t exactly been feeling great recently so I’m also home to help figure out what’s going on outside of a suspected case of gluten intolerance. I believe the problem has been successfully identified (finally) and I’m getting treated for it. I would write about the details but I don’t think I should for a bunch of reasons. The main reason is that people always tend to give me a bunch of advice for the problem based off of their experiences with a similar problem — either in their own life or in the life of someone they are close to. While I definitely appreciate the concern and well-meaning intentions of those people, I am going to let this one play out without outside advice for now. I don’t want to be discouraged by people who have had bad luck with my specific problem — and those are the people who are often most-motivated to write comments or emails. As shitty as I’ve felt the last few months, I am relieved that the causes of these problems has finally been identified and that I should be able to make a full recovery (and that the problem isn’t life-threatening). However, I might be blogging a bit less for a little while. I also might be skipping the WSOP which I had initially planned to attend for a five day trip. It depends how my recovery goes.

In other news, I haven’t felt well enough to watch the NBA finals but I have been following them online. I’m pretty happy to see the Lakers pull ahead 2-0. I grew up in Lower Merion during the Kobe high school years so I can’t help but root for him to win an NBA championship as the undisputed leader of the team. It will validate his game as a true champion as opposed to simply being one of the best all-around scorers/defenders in the history of the game. I don’t expect Orlando to roll over now that they’re down 2-0 but I do think it’s going to be very difficult to come back (obv).

4 thoughts on “Home in Philly

  1. mike bleecker

    Hope you HAVE found the cause and get better. If so, I hope one day you can tell how you diagnosed your problem as it might help others with your symptoms.

  2. Sean Gibson

    Best of luck with your recovery, I am glad you’ve made progress. Take it easy bud.

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