Las Vegas

I flew into Las Vegas yesterday.  It’s been almost exactly two years since I’ve been here so it’s actually kind of exciting to be back.  First order of business was to get checked in but pretty soon after that I headed over to NYNY for the annual PocketFives party.  I am not sure how many total people showed up but it seemed like it was a pretty steady stream of people heading in and out without all that many people being there at any given time.  Then again, I had to leave part way through because I wasn’t feeling so great so maybe it picked up more later on.  Either way, I met some new P5ers who I hadn’t run into before so that definitely made it worth it to be there.

In other news, the room service guy this morning was telling me about all of the European poker players who are staying at the Wynn and rambling on about them.  That was interesting.  Room service guys and taxi drivers always have an interesting take on poker players around this time of year.  Definitely worth coming even if you can get just a few of them to explain their thoughts.

I’m only here for a few days but I’m looking forward to a fun time.

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