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Well we’re a few days into our trip and it’s already been a pretty big success. We spent three days at a game lodge in the northwest part of the country (for those keeping track, we were at Sabi Sands near Kruger National Park). We saw a ton of stuff. I’m only posting a small percentage of what we saw here. I am really tired so I won’t be writing a ton… but there are tons of pics.

Arriving in the Johannesburg Airport:

View from prop plane that we took up to the game lodge:

Here’s the plane itself. Yes, the pilots were unloading the baggage:







Post-sunset view inside the game reserve:


Elephant running away from a crocodile. You can see the croc by the elephant’s back feet:




Hyena eating an impala (like a deer):

Leopard in a tree eating impala:

Now we’re in Cape Town (arrived this evening). Here’s a sunset shot from the hotel:

Anyway, really tired so off to bed. I’ll post more actual writing at some point in the next few days.

9 thoughts on “Some pics

  1. Nat Post author

    Thanks, glad you liked the pics.

    Nancy, around the beginning of one of the game drives we noticed a dead impala under a tree. It looked like it had died earlier that day (the guide wasn’t sure how it died, it didn’t look like a big cat had killed it because that cat would have been eating it and there weren’t bite marks) but nothing was there eating it yet. So when we came back a few hours later to see what was going on, we timed it perfectly. The hyena was eating it and there were a few leopards there feeding on the scraps. As it turns out, leopards won’t fight hyenas because the hyenas are too strong. So the hyena gets to feed while the leopard waits around for leftovers.

  2. Jerry

    Nice pictures.

    I saw some pictures of Cape Town on the intertubes and it should be a beautiful city!

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