Back in the US

I just arrived into Atlanta this morning and now I’m spending a few days in Georgia before heading back home to Cayman. It has been a very long last 30-40 hours or so. I started out the 18th by waking up around 8 AM at our hotel at Victoria Falls and going to breakfast. Then I walked with my brother and mom down to an area called the “Boiling Pot” which is where the water from the falls gathers together. After that we went back to the rooms, showered and headed to the Livingstone airport for our flight to Johannesburg. Then I had a 4 hour layover followed by a 17 hour flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta. The flight was soooo long. It didn’t help that I had a really big guy sitting next to me and I was in coach. I don’t think I’ll ever do a flight that long again unless I can find a way to get business class. Or, at least, I have to be guaranteed to be sitting next to someone that I know so it isn’t such a gamble.

Anyway, I am about to head out to Athens to spend the next few days with yellowsub. I’ll be posting a long trip report, pictures and videos over the next few days.

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