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My car is fixed. I had the radiator fan overnighted from California and I had the car back by midday Saturday. It’s running great so I’m happy with how things turned out. My next mission is to get more keys for the car. I only have one set and it’s kind of terrifying to think of what it would be like if I lost them. It’s a pretty advanced key and it isn’t the sort of thing you can just get cut at your local locksmith. The dealer needs to program the key for the car to start and, obviously, no one in the Caymans has 2007 Infiniti G35 keys in stock. So, yesterday, I ordered some on eBay and I’m going to pick them up in the US. Then I’ll bring them down here for programming and I’ll have a few backups just in case.

Speaking of traveling to the US, I have a bunch of traveling coming up. First, I’m going to San Diego this weekend for a wedding. It’s going to be great and I’m really looking forward to it. After that I’m flying back home to Philadelphia for next week. I’ll be picking up one of these when I’m there. Can’t wait to try it out when I get back to Cayman. There’s a pretty good chance it will make me really sick but that isn’t a good reason not to try it out. By the way, has anyone out there tried out kite tubing? It looks both very dangerous and very VERY fun. It doesn’t seem like anyone sells them anymore because of lawsuit concerns but I have found them on eBay. Just wondering who out there has experience with them.

In terms of TV, I’ve been watching quite a bit over the last month or two. At the top of my list are True Blood Season 2, Entourage Season 6, Mad Men Season 3, 2 Months 2 Million Season 1 and Hung Season 1. Hung started slowly (ie, the first three to four episodes were boring) but it has picked up and I’m starting to enjoy it. The bottom line is that I’m willing to give any HBO show the benefit of the doubt if I don’t like it at the beginning… mainly because all of their shows are awesome. As always, Entourage is terrific. True Blood has been really interesting the last few episodes and I’m kind of sad there isn’t much left in Season 2. Mad Men is only getting started but I am curious, as always, about what will happen this season. And 2 Months 2 Million is definitely a niche show but, given that I know some of the people on the show and the show is about the industry that I work in, it’s definitely must-see TV for me.

I’ve also enjoyed aspects of The T.O. Show Season 1 but I am not a huge fan. For a true dud, Shaq Vs Season 1 is really retarded. I can barely stand to even watch it so I am done with it — and I’m a huge Shaq fan so it takes a lot for me to say that a project he’s involved in is terrible. The shows that I have on the table to watch are Fringe, Burn Notice, The Cleaner and Spooks. Note that I’ve never seen any of them … they’ve just been recommended to me. I plan on watching some of them on the plane during my upcoming travels so I’ll be sure to post about them when I can actually say whether they’re good or not.

That Africa trip report is still happening. It’s taking me some time to fill it out but it’s probably 85% to 90% complete.

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