Fed up with Firefox

I’ve supported Firefox for years. As soon as it came out I switched to it from IE. IE7 was so awful and slow I constantly preached Firefox’s benefits to anyone who would listen. The problem with Firefox has alway been two-fold for me. First, it always gets really slow with a bunch of tabs open and it needs to be restarted to get back to being snappy. The second is that it’s freaking awful re: Javascript speed. There might be other problems but those were the ones that always got to me. For the most part I put up with it because it was still better than IE and I love the extensions that are available.

Tonight I think I finally reached my breaking point. I was trying to tag some pictures that I put up on Facebook and it was soooooo slow. Like unbelievably slow. I was clicking on the person and it was like a 5 second delay for it to pull up the list of names. And then it was taking a few seconds each time I typed a letter. Unreal. So I decided to download Google Chrome because I know it’s built for speed, particularly with Javascript. It’s so refreshing to use this browser instead. It’s so fast. Blows Firefox out of the water speedwise. I still want my extensions, particularly Roboform. But there are some ways to run Roboform and Chrome together so I’m going to play around with those tomorrow. If I get that working it’s probably bye-bye Firefox except for occasional use for a specific extension.

Viva Chrome.

5 thoughts on “Fed up with Firefox

  1. William Franceschine

    Ja, Chrome is the nuts. Way faster and a much better design. Firefox was great for web 1.0 and far better than IE obv, but it hasn’t evolved. I think it’s going to stop gaining market share in the next year or two. I’m not going back, I know that.

  2. Roger

    Lastpass is the shit if you have to use something besides roboform. I actually prefer it over Roboform, and it’s free and works on a Mac (roboform doesnt) and pretty sure it works with chrome.

  3. Facebook Poker Chips

    do you have any reviews for chrome on your blog? im having issues lately with firefox as well, mainly with javascript enabling, it keeps crashing everytime and I lose any open sites im on at the moment. So much for the great “alternative” to IE

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