Speaking of Quakes

A few days ago there was an earthquake here in Cayman. No real damage to speak of. I didn’t even hear about anyone getting injured let alone dying. But it was a 5.8 and it was definitely enough to wake me up. A lot of people were understandably freaked out given what had just happened in Haiti. I went outside on my porch to a lot of screaming and yelling. Thankfully though, nothing really happened after that.

I’ve been dealing with this stupid dental surgery all week. I had a relatively minor procedure done on Monday but I have some stitches in my mouth and it’s causing a bunch of swelling. One side of my face looks a bit messed up but it’s been improving slightly today. It has caused a bunch of problems with stuff like eating because, pretty much, the whole inside of my mouth hurts. A lot of it is referred pain from the area with stitches but it’s definitely very unpleasant to eat right now. But, according to the guy did the surgery, this is totally normal and usually mouth surgery tends to heal very quickly. I guess it’s one of the good things about the human body that it makes the mouth a top priority to be healthy. He thinks I should be back to normal in a week.

In TV news, I am excited 24 is back. As usual, I was pretty bored with it for like the first hour or two. I was actually questioning whether I even wanted to watch it this season. But it has managed to suck me back in after four hours so I am definitely excited to see the rest of the season. I am also ridiculously excited for the last season of Lost so I am counting down the days until that starts back up. I also just finished rewatching every Curb Your Enthusiam. What a terrific show. It took me a few months to get through the whole series but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Does anyone know anyone who is a PHP/MySQL expert with experience working with vBulletin? I am not looking for someone who simply knows PHP/MySQL on a basic or even intermediate level. There are tons of those people out there. The person or group that I’m looking for is harder to find. I am looking for someone who knows hardcore MySQL optimization, how to integrate fast full-text search options into vBulletin (such as Sphinx, dtsearch, Lucene) and other more advanced procedures. Ideally, the person would also be an expert at finding slow queries in MySQL, knowing how to fix them (ie, which indices to add, how to change the query, etc), how to change server configurations to optimize performance, etc. Lastly, being a vBulletin expert would be a huge plus. And just having installed vBulletin doesn’t count. I am talking about having a detailed understand of the hooks in vBulletin and how to make serious core-level changes to the code. This is a potentially lucrative opportunity for the right person so please pass along my email (natarem@gmail.com) to anywho who might be interested. And, if you couldn’t tell, this is someone we could use to get the new PocketFives done faster.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Quakes

  1. philip rigano

    If your mouth keeps hurting you might have a dry socket. Get clove oil from a drug store. My wife was dying from the pain, even after taking vicodin, for days after it shoulda stopped and the clove oil worked great. The dentist never even mentioned it when she called to ask why it still hurt. Hope it helps.

  2. Nat Post author

    doubt it’s a dry socket, i wasn’t having teeth pulled. but that’s a good tip if I ever do get teeth pulled.

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