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I usually don’t go this long. Since my last blog I spent about 12 days in Costa Rica for work stuff. I didn’t really do too much non work activity there but I still had a good time. We had a company party, a company BBQ, some nice dinners with business partners, etc. Here’s a picture of me from the company party:

Henry's Escazu Costa Rica

Fun time. We have a bunch of really good employees. A lot of stuff has been changing at our company and I think we’ve taken some positive steps to eliminate some bad investments (like when we did Swedish translation — as it turns out, everyone in Sweden speaks English so it’s a stupid thing to translate to) and increase investment in some good areas. We’re also getting more involved in some other projects in the poker world, some of which are really interesting.

We recently got more involved with the PokerRoad website and, even more recently, I got involved. You will see a ton of positive changes on PokerRoad over the next few months and I’m pretty excited about what we’re going to be able to do there. I think PokerRoad has long been a site with some great poker content but a pretty poor interface for accessing that content. That is going to change. We have some really smart people behind the project and it’s 100% focus on usability and good site structure from this point forward.

My other main project at work is still PocketFives. I never like to promise deadlines because the future is very uncertain when you’re dealing with software development but, roughly, we have about two more months of work. Around one month of continued software development and about one month of bug testing, design refining and server load testing. I’d definitely be disappointed if the new site isn’t live and working well two months from now but obviously something can always come up.

I’m about to head home for a one week visit. I’m going to be splitting my time in between NYC and Philly. I have some doctor appointments scheduled to deal with some ongoing health issues I’ve been having. Namely, my bite is kind of misaligned and I need to get some work done. It’s caused a whole host of problems. For instance, I can’t really chew any tough food (like steak) because my teeth don’t meet properly. It is pretty subtle in that you can’t see the problem unless you have a trained eye and you’re examining my bite but it is a very big problem. If I don’t remember to chew my food in certain areas of my mouth where the teeth meet better than others, it actually feels like I’m choking when I try to swallow food. This actually happens quite often and is very unpleasant. And those problems have led to other problems with my throat being irritated and so on. I basically need to get it fixed ASAP so I’m working on the situation. Hopefully it’ll get fixed over the next few months and the other problems I’ve had (I think, due to this problem) will all work themselves out.

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