Last night was fun

My friend Ozzy is currently in town to play the Bellagio events and to play some live cash games. Last night I went down to the Bellagio with my business partner and his wife to get some dinner with Ozzy. We went to Jasmine which is the Chinese restaurant at the Bellagio. Very nice place and it has a great view of the pool/fountains. We saw a few famous people there. Celene Dion’s husband René Angélil was there. Although I didn’t see Celene Dion there. I’ve seen him at a bunch of poker events before so I recognized him. Also, Dana White was there. He’s a huge guy. Not tall but really wide.

Anyway, dinner was good. It’s always fun to catch up with Ozzy. Even though he’s one of my oldest/best poker friends we don’t hang out in person too often because we haven’t lived near each other in awhile. We mainly talked about poker because my business partner is a casual poker player but he’s also really interested in getting better. No better person to talk to than someone like Ozzy if you want to improve your game in the middle limit cash games because Ozzy absolutely crushes them.

After leaving the Bellagio we turned right onto Las Vegas Blvd and we were driving down to Tropicana to get on I-15. Just after City Center we were totally stopped in traffic when we got rear-ended by an idiotic limo driver. It wasn’t like we stopped suddenly at all. We were at a dead standstill for something like 3-5 seconds before he hit us. And when we came to a stop it was a slow cruise to a stop, nothing fast. The guy just wasn’t paying attention. My business partner tilted out of his mind when it happened because it is a brand new car (about 1 week old) and he’s kind of OCD about avoiding dents and dings on his cars. So you can imagine the tilt when someone who is supposedly a professional driver rear ends him for no reason other than total incompetence. We ended up sitting on the strip for a little while to wait for the police. The other driver didn’t have any of his paperwork but eventually his boss showed up and brought the information. It was just a huge annoyance. And now Mike has to go get his bumper fixed and the Carfax on his car is probably going to list an accident. Which devalues it a bunch. Pretty gross situation for him.

The actual accident was kind of weird. That’s the first time I’ve ever been in a car accident of any kind. I didn’t even realize what happened at first, it probably took me a few seconds after it happened to realize why the car had just jumped forward. It kind of felt like Mike had released the brakes and then slammed on them really hard. I know that whiplash is a definite concern even for a seemingly minor accident so I’m being mindful of how my neck feels. Thus far it feels fine. I think I was lucky that I basically had my head on the headrest at the time. The other people in the car were complaining a bit about neck pain last night so hopefully they feel better soon. We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Last night was fun

  1. Adam

    If the bumper is the only thing damaged on your friend’s vehicle, it would be greatly in his best interests to just order the parts and fix it himself without going through insurance. Avoid the possibility of a rate-increase for insurance, avoid having to pay the deductible (which may very well be more than the repair bill anyway), and no devaluing of the vehicle via Carfax.

    I rear-ended someone in my truck a few years ago, zero damage to his battle-tank of an ’82 Chevy but my little S-10′s front end got mangled pretty good. Bought the parts from the dealer, paid less than $500 bucks all told (you can do much better than this privately, installed everything myself and it looked good as new with no one the wiser.

    If he’s the anal type about his car, he can have it fixed professionally by a body shop, might still come in under the cost of the deductible but this is less likely than if he did the work himself. Carfax only gets a report if you place a claim to insurance for the damages.

    Food for thought…cheers.

  2. Shane

    A lot of higher end body shops won’t report the accident to carfax. Body shops actually get paid by carfax to do so. So when he takes it in make sure he inquires if they will be reporting it to carfax.

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