Random Tilt Post

Every once in awhile I need to tilt on my blog. So here goes, list-style.

  1. It tilts me that people think a bigger car is a nicer car.  Twice in a week I’ve overheard comments in Las Vegas about people saying that a pickup truck is awesome because it’s bigger than other pickups.  I don’t get that mindset.
  2. For whatever retarded reason, I can’t watch ESPN right now on DirecTV.  It’s blacking it out despite the game being an Eastern Conference game in Boston.  Why would it be blacked out in Las Vegas?  That just doesn’t make sense.  I’m about to call DirecTV and tilt a bit. (EDIT: it’s working again, for now)
  3. Why do people think that a meal involving meat (particularly steak) is somehow a “better” meal than one without any meat or fish?  I see comments about this over and over.  It doesn’t really make sense to me.
  4. What’s with people cutting you off and then slowing down?  I drove out to California recently and it seemed like, over and over, people would pull out in front of me (ie, I was in the left lane and they were in the right lane) when they wanted to pass someone.  I was fine with that part.  But then they would proceed to slow down and sit side-by-side with the slower driver in the right lane for a few minutes.  Either stay behind the slower car or pass the slower car and get out of the way.  Getting into the left lane and sitting there is just stupid.
  5. Now that I’ve been back in the US for a few months I’ve noticed a lot of hilarity that I never really noticed before I moved out of the country.  I saw a billboard ad the other day with a slogan like “make vegetables taste less vegetably”.  There are endless weight loss ads everywhere.  I did a google maps search for “health food store” to see if there was anything out there except for Whole Foods that I should check out.  I got a bunch of stuff like GNC and similar supplement sorts of stores.  If those are really considered to be health food stores, we have no hope.  It just tilts me how uneducated the public is on diet and health.  I don’t think this obesity trend is reversible without significant government intervention.  While I normally don’t like making government bigger, I don’t see any other solution.  The free market is not working for this one.

Anyway, those are my tilts.

I decided against putting up that wisdom teeth video.  It’s a bit too ridiculous to put up for everyone out there to see.  I’ve recovered pretty well from the surgery.  I never had any pain, only a slight ache every once in awhile.  I’m back to eating pretty normal food and feeling good.  I also went to CrossFit on Thursday and Friday and I’m really excited to get back into it.  That being said, I’m ridiculously sore today.

We’re getting soooooo close with PocketFives.  It’ll be up very shortly.  The beta version is online right now at beta.pocketfives.com (beta/password to get through the first password dialog which is only there to keep out the googlebot).

Also, I’m looking forward to the WSOP.  It’ll be a great time.

4 thoughts on “Random Tilt Post

  1. Raph Dog 8

    Nate dawg, the thing that makes the flawed “bigger is better,” in relation to vehicles, even worse is that bigger cars/trucks are perceived as safer. Malcolm Gladwell wrote a piece “Big and Bad” about this in the New Yorker (http://www.newyorker.com/archive/2004/01/12/040112fa_fact_gladwell). Essentially, people want a bigger car for when they have a collision, with the thinking that they will get into an accident, it’s just a matter of time. But in reality if people drove a smaller, more agile car, drivers would be able to avoid the collision all together in many circumstances.

    Plus your BMW is more baller than 99% of the cars out there!

  2. Gordon

    in response to no. 3 – I also grew up with this kind of thinking at home. Its ingrained. BUT I’m a bit lover of vege food and cheese too!

  3. Nancy Martin

    The thing that makes me crazy lately is, that no matter what store I’m in, when I’m checking out, they ask me if I want to donate money to a specific charity. Rather than be embarrassed by saying no, most people just say yes. I resent these stores putting this kind of pressure on their customers. And then I wonder if that money really goes to the charity or if the by the hour employees help themselves to some of that money.

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