So many things to talk about….

I really have to start blogging more often.

I’m currently sitting in a hotel in California.  I came out for the day to do some PocketFives gear work with some people in So Cal (tshirt capital of the world imo).  I’m really happy with what we’re getting and I can’t wait to see them.  So anyway, when I was driving out earlier today, I was getting gradually more and more tilted by my TomTom GPS.  It can’t pronounce ANYTHING.  Any street, city, whatever, it’s always wrong.  I don’t understand how this is possible.  I am not even talking about something obscure or hard to pronounce.  I took a short video of it trying to say “San Diego”… you should see what I mean:

WHAT? San Dieggaahh? How can a huge company like TomTom let their units say San Diego like that. Better yet, you should hear it take a crack at saying San Bernardino. Total fail. The list goes on and on, this is not a one time thing.

I also feel like I should comment on the perfect game today. Make no mistake, it was the 21st perfect game in MLB history. I’m going to go ahead and put forth the idea that it was the best winning regular-season pitching performance in major league history. No one has ever faced 28 batters and gotten 28 outs in a winning performance. Obviously the World Series perfect game and the Harvey Haddix game still outshine this game in my mind but how can another perfect game possibly be considered better than this guy? 28 batters simply hasn’t been done. Sure you can factor in things like opponent batting average, number of strikeouts, number of amazing defensive plays, etc. But I think going by number of outs is fair. Congrats Armando Gallaraga on the 3rd best pitching in MLB history, you should be thanking Jerry Joyce for allowing yourself to separate yourself from the rest of the rank and file 20 pitchers on the “normal” perfect game list.

In other news, PocketFives relaunched on Monday. So far it has been mainly smooth. Obviously we’ve had a few hiccups here and there but overall it’s been relatively painless. I think we have an amazing platform from which to build the site to its full potential. There are simple so many things to be done with it that I can barely decide what to get working on first. I’m really excited about it though and it’s going to continue to be my main project for a long time to come. I also want to mention our top-notch developers (in alphabetical order): Mario, Ryan and Sergio. Mario and Sergio are Costa Rican programmers who work from our office in Escazu. They’ve both been with the company for years now and they’re top-notch guys. Ryan is newer. He is based near Boston, MA and he was brought on earlier this year part-time as a vBulletin consultant. He’s quite good at vB and has been invaluable throughout the project. Hopefully he will keep working with us for a long time to come. All three of them did a great job and they should be at the P5s party on July 3rd at the Rio (more details to come, it’s going to be in a big suite that evening at the Rio). Ryan still isn’t confirmed because of a minor issue (his wife having a baby in a week or two etc) but hopefully we’ll be able to get him out to Vegas at the last minute. Definitely come by to say hi.

In other news, I am enjoying WSOP season so far. Also, I had a fun time at a UFC party at the Wynn last weekend. It was a party sponsored by FIGHT! Magazine (the MMA magazine that is owned by BLUFF) and I got a great picture with Urijah Faber (former featherweight world champ, still a top title contender). I am going to get a copy of it and put it up here as soon as I do.

2 thoughts on “So many things to talk about….

  1. Johnny FlopBoot

    Garmin FTW — TomTom’s maps are made by a company called TeleAtlas, they pretty much blow… Garmin (and MapQuest, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, Alpine, Magellan, and about 90% of major automobile manufacturers) use NAVTEQ* maps…. way better product imo.

    *Full disclosure, I make maps for NAVTEQ, clearly a biased view, although a correct one.

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