Some weight loss, birthday & bowling

So yesterday, I turned 28 years old. I was 23 when I started blogging so I’ve pretty much gone from early 20s to late 20s on this blog. Here’s my blog entry from a year ago when I turned 27. The things I said in that entry still hold true for me. I don’t mind getting older. I suppose it will mind it once I get to the age where my age actually holds me back from doing things I want to do but I’m still not at that point. In fact, I’m pretty much in the best shape of my life. In January of this year I discovered CrossFit and I’ve been pretty hooked on it ever since. Here are two pictures, approximately one year apart (May 2009 to June 2010):

I can see a pretty significant difference there. That represents approximately 45 lbs of weight loss although I guess you can’t really see the gut that I’ve pretty much lost. I’ve still got some body composition stuff that I’m in the process of changing (ie, losing some more fat, gaining some muscle) but I’m in really good shape compared to any other point in my life. I still feel out of shape sometimes just because of the people I’m competing against at CrossFit but the reality is that I am in good shape now and I’m getting into better shape. So I’m pretty happy about that. It’s great doing this at the age of 28 and I plan on being in ridiculously good shape at the age of 29 next year.

For my birthday, I spent a good portion of the day hanging out at a mansion in Henderson that yellowsub is renting, along with a bunch of other players. The people in the house include sub, his girlfriend, Kyle Ray (kpr16), an aussie kid named Rob, a british kid named Tom, some guy named like Yager or something like that, Clay Newman (cnew27) and Dr_Olson. Five people from Athens, GA are visiting sub and Lauren so all of us hung out at the pool and then we went to a place called Dos Caminos at the Palazzo. The food was really good; I got a scallop/rice dish. I definitely recommend the restaurant. If you go, be sure to get the guacamole. Here’s a picture of me blowing out the candle on my birthday “cake”:

You can see Taylor “The Godfather” Douglas (of thepokerfilm and WSOP 1500NL fame) on my left taking a pic of his own. I know that he’s a huge fan of so I had to make sure he got his pic on the site. At the end of dinner we obv CCRed (although some of the Athens crew bought out) and I ended up getting heads up with sub before he ended up paying (standard).

After the Palazzo, we headed over to the Gold Coast (yes, the Gold Coast) for some gambling and bowling. I don’t really like table games for obv reasons. I’m not a gambler unless I think I have an edge or it’s actually a lot of fun. Playing in the pit in a depressing casino… not fun for me. Anyway, I did play a little roulette (won $12!!) and some of the other Athens people were gambling it up. I snapped this picture of a decent sized red bet (obv it landed on black):

The girl in the pic is one of the Athens people. She had, apparently, never gambled before in her life. She had a lot of fun playing slots, blackjack and roulette so I’m pretty sure she’s hooked now. Nothing like the Gold Coast to get you hooked on gambling.

So after the stop in the pit, we headed over to the bowling alley (the real reason we went to the Gold Coast) and got a few lanes. Brainwash (Tyler Cornell) was there with some of his friends from SoCal and, obviously, we bet on the games. The first game I didn’t have a bet and I bowled pretty horribly. I kept leaving frames open which is obviously pretty bad. By the end of the first game I’d bowled like 115, brainwash had bowled like 105 and sub bowled like 155 or something. I ended up betting sub $50 getting 25 pins and I bet brainwash $50 at even money. This is the outcome of the game:

I’m N82 on the top left, obviously sub is sub and Ty on the right is brainwash. It was a really sick ending for me and brain. As you can see, I went into the final frame up one but it wasn’t quite that clear at the time because brain had a spare. He got a strike his first shot in the 10th frame (I’d already recorded my crappy 123) and he only needed a 9 to tie or a strike to win. He threw a ball right down the middle and left the 4/7 and 6/10 split which is really really difficult to get a 9 or spare. He ended up with an 18 in the 10th frame and lost the $50 bet by one pin. So I was up $100 after winning $50 from sub and $50 from brain.

Then the next and last game I declined to bet sub because he didn’t want to give up any pins and I didn’t think that was fair even though we ended about even on the 2nd game. I was bowling horribly but I did end up placing a $50 bet with brainwash where I gave him five pins. I won’t narrate the whole thing but I was basically screwed in the 9th frame before going on a strike-strike open to start the 10th and make my 9th worth 30 pins. Really sick considering how I was bowling. That won the 2nd bet from brainwash when I ended up with 164 and he bowled 138 (143 for the bet). Here’s a pic of it:

Including another small $10 bet I won from brain on a specific shot, that put me up $160 from bowling. Not bad. Brain said the $110 was my birthday present. That’s more than I got from anyone else so I’ll take it. He was really drunk by the end of the night after pounding beer pitchers and, as we were walking out of the bowling alley, he attempted to slide down the stair railing on the way back down to the casino floor. It didn’t go so well. He fell over backwards on the railing and landing on his back/side and then rolled over his head/neck before coming to a stop on the stairs. I wish I had video of it. He tried it again (smart guy) and I took video but unfortunately/fortunately he made it down okay. Even though it’s uneventful, here’s the video:

And I guess that was the end of the night. I didn’t get to sleep until like 5:30 but I’d say it was a pretty fun birthday.

4 thoughts on “Some weight loss, birthday & bowling

  1. Nancy Martin

    Nat — You look terrific….I can especially see it in your face. It’s great that you had such a nice birthday…I love all of that Athens’ crew. And you gave all of your readers a present as well — a blog entry reminiscent of the kind of entries that made you most people’s favorite blogger!!!

  2. Jerry

    Better late than never, happy birthday Nat!

    When are you taking your car to the track? I need to see some video of that ASAP

  3. lana

    i can’t believe you were at the gold coast the day after i left! have a wedding in ny the day after p5s party so sadly i won’t make it this year, but hope to see you at CR party on july 6th!

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