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Not a ton going on lately. Just work stuff really. It’s been a great few weeks post-WSOP to just relax, take it easy and not be running around all the time. I’ve been eating most of my meals at home and I’ve kept it extremely healthy. Obviously I’ve also being going to CrossFit Las Vegas a lot and I’m enjoying it although I do have some reservations about it (I’ll get into that down below).

First, with work stuff, we’ve had a tough week or so with PocketFives. We did a few things to make the server go faster and it obviously broke a bunch of stuff, somehow. So while hopefully most users never noticed anything, we did have a lot of problems on the site. We still have some problems lingering but most of the important ones are fixed. It has set back a really cool feature that we were about to launch so I’m a bit frustrated by that. That being said, IT work always comes with setbacks and bugs so it isn’t like it’s totally unexpected. Hopefully that new feature will be out next week.

Getting back to CrossFit, I need to explain something about how it works in order to make this point. Most of the workouts are timed and you start as a class. So the fastest people finish first and so on down to the least fit people. Now given the makeup of a CrossFit class, most of the people are super fit and they blow through a lot of these workouts pretty quickly (not easily, but quickly… they have high work capacities). But I’ve noticed a few people beating me who really should not be beating me. They’re pretty average athletes, not in any sort of special shape, etc. Not that I’m a great CrossFitter by any means but it didn’t make sense that these same few people (about five of them who I thought shouldn’t have been beating me) kept finishing workouts ahead of me.

The other day we did a workout where we did front squats, push ups (with strict form and you had to lift your hands off the ground at the bottom of each one to prove your chest was on the ground — try it sometime, it’s much harder) and a 400 meter run. We did that, I think, 3 or 4 times. So the first round I notice that one of the suspects was out the door and on his run WAAAAY too fast. I didn’t count his reps because I was too focused on my own stuff but when I saw him run out the door I was like, no way did he just finish his first round of squats and pushups. So after I got back from my run, he was finishing up his front squats (not sure if he did them all) and he got down into his pushup position. I was doing my front squats and it was easy to keep an eye on him so I counted his reps. He was supposed to do 15. He did four good ones, two poor ones, laid on the ground for a sec, then got up and sprinted out the door! What?!? That wasn’t even close to what he was supposed to do.

Anyway, over the last week or two I’ve started to keep an eye on some of the other people I suspected of not really being able to beat me. Pretty much the same thing. Not quite as bad as 6 out of 15 but a TON of stuff like doing 18 instead of 21, 10 instead of 12, etc. No wonder I pass people on the runs, they can’t shortcut that part. And no wonder they can’t deadlift much (basically impossible to really cheat on that without putting your back in harm’s way). Contrary to what you might think, this doesn’t bother me. I was happy to discover this because it makes me feel better about finishing near the bottom on a lot of workouts. I’m actually finishing in the middle and only the long-time CrossFitters are really crushing me (as they should). So this was good news. Now that I know I can throw out the times of certain people I can focus more on my own workouts which is really what I’d like to be doing … I just had to know why I wasn’t stacking up and my curiosity got the better of me.

On another note, I’ve noticed more and more people on Facebook with their photos app removed. Or at least they are hiding me (and probably others obv) from seeing photos they’re tagged in. I find this to be an uneven level of sharing. It’s the same reason why I usually turn down random friend requests from people (I get a lot of random poker people who I have never met adding me, not sure if that happens to everyone or not) if they don’t have a picture of themselves as their profile picture. After all, this is Facebook — hence it’s meant to have your real picture there. So I’ve recently decided that anyone I come across without a photos app installed is going on my list of people who won’t see my photos app either. I’m also seriously considering taking a break from Facebook and hiding my profile for a bit. I’d just like to see how much more I would get done with it gone for like a month or something. I don’t have anything against the concept of Facebook. I actually really like it. But it is a productivity drain and I wonder what I would do with my extra hour a day or whatever it adds up to.

I still need to post that P5s party report. It’s been over a month since the party so I think it’s way overdue.

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