Long awaited P5s Party trip report

Maybe awaited isn’t the right word. Just delayed.

I’ve been pretty busy with PocketFives lately. Most of my non-P5s time has been taken up by working out, various life errands (looking for a place to live) and just generally trying to get enough rest. My inclination when I get really into work stuff is to work all night and I usually end up on a horrible schedule. I’m back on a good schedule right now so I’m trying to maintain it.

Getting back to the P5s WSOP Party, it was on July 3rd in Vegas (obv). The “main” party was at the Gold Coast bowling alley. I say main because it was free for all P5ers but it is really only a pre-party compared to the “OT” party afterwards (for the non P5ers out there, OT stands for the “Off Topic” section of the forum). So anyway, it was a pretty basic but fun time. We bowled a bunch of games, drank some beer, ate random crap food, etc. I think everyone enjoyed it a lot — like 60 or 70 people showed up over the course of the few hours and probably 30 were there most of the time. Nothing huge but… it is the Gold Coast. Here are some pics, with captions under them.

This is a picture of the people who work on P5s and a description of what they do. From left to right:

Michele – she doesn’t really work on P5s, she’s married to one of our company’s execs
Mario – Our CTO, very good programmer and overall technical resource. He lives in Costa Rica.
Adam – One of the founders of P5s and is one of the key people in our company.
Dan – Poker journalist who writes a lot of articles for Poker News Daily and PocketFives.
Sandy – P5s administrator. Works on things like the rankings and some other things.
myself – If you don’t know who I am, wtf are you doing on my blog.
Mike – Michele’s husband, founded PokerSourceOnline and lives near me in Vegas.
Ryan – PocketFives programmer and vBulletin expert. Great guy to have working for us, he is relatively new compared to everyone else in the pic.
Sergio – Senior programmer for us, lives in Costa Rica as well. Extremely smart guy.

So, yea, that is the team. It’s missing a few people like David Huber (head moderator on P5s) but that group is mostly who is behind PocketFives these days. Good group of people to work with.

This is Michele, Mike, my cousin Zach, myself and my sister. Mike and I were holding Zach up off the floor. I don’t remember why but I wasn’t really drunk at this point but it’s been six weeks since the party so that’s probably why I forgot.

After bowling, we went over to the big party across the street at the Palms. P5er “BigGunX” had organized a party at the Ghost Bar at the top of the Palms. We had a full section of the patio all to ourselves along with an open bar with top shelf liquor for four hours. That was a really good time. I met a lot of P5ers and I ended up getting pretty drunk. Not destroyed but definitely pretty wobbly on my feet. I didn’t have a camera but these are some pics that I grabbed off of other peoples’ facebook albums:

This is a picture of part of the patio that we had to ourselves. I don’t know who most of these people are but they’re either OTers or friends who came along.

This is a picture of the view and our bar. And our hot bartender. She was a trooper too, she was ridiculously busy for four hours straight and I never had a long wait for a drink. Very impressive.

Sandy, myself, P5er ess286, Jeff/yellowsub

This is a bunch of us down at the Palms food court after the party. We were all pretty drunk but obviously competent enough to stand there for a picture.

Anyway, we ended up eating at some crappy diner thing at the palms. I think it was called 24 or something like that. After that we took a limo back (the cab line was ridiculous) and went to sleep. Both parties were a great time and I highly recommend going next year if you’re in Vegas.

Also, on another P5s note, we’re holding the PocketFives Open on Sept 1st at 8:30 PM EDT. It’ll be a $20+$2 on PokerStars, come play!

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