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As I alluded to in my previous entry, I am giving serious thought to moving back to the east coast — maybe sooner rather than later. I do like a lot of things about Vegas: no state tax, no traffic, cheap, tons of good restaurants, nice weather (for me), close to Cali, lots of people visiting all the time, Lotus of Siam, etc. But I am thinking more and more that I might belong more on the east coast than in Vegas. For me, the biggest drawback by far to living in a place like Philadelphia is the weather. I can’t stand the weather at this time of year. But I love the weather for about eight months of the year so I guess I can deal with it.

Right now I’m still not sure about the move. My lease in Vegas is up in about six months. But if I’m going to move I might as well do it soon and enjoy the majority of the nice part of the year. I have a trip to Costa Rica coming up in late February so after that I might swing by Philadelphia to look for places in the Center City West (ie, near Rittenhouse) area. If I find a good place and I’m still feeling like moving by that point, I’m reasonably certain that I’ll do it. I do want to give it more time to think about it since there are some decent reasons for me to be in Vegas as well. But the move is a strong possibility for now.

In other news, I’m continuing my search for a new theme for my blog. I tried to install one earlier today and it was a disaster because the theme is kind of “idiot proofed” and it uses a lot of drag-and-drop options that don’t work for me. I need to be able to actually edit the raw code to do a couple of things and this theme was basically impeding my ability to do that. It’s a shame because I really liked it. I found it on my business partner Mike’s new site WordPress Themes which is a directory of a few hundred premium WordPress themes — in other words, themes that you pay money for and come with a lot of extras and options. Mike is also the former CEO (and currently Chairman) of the company that owns PocketFives, among others. So he’s kind of branching out into other businesses.

Anyway, the theme just won’t work for me. I think I need to stick with a raw custom theme but I just don’t like the one that I’ve come up with so far. It’s super frustrating because I really dislike the theme/layout that I have right now based on the things I’d like to do with the site. Oh well, I will work on it more this week.

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  1. Dray

    You may have to explain this: “I am thinking more and more that I might belong more on the east coast than in Vegas.” There are a ton of personal reasons that you could use to justify the move, but consider this ‘left-brain’ rationale for staying:

    1. Cost of living. Plug the two cities into any comparison calculator. I looked at payscale.com:


    There’s a 21% higher cost of living in Philly! Now, you may not be thinking much about this, but consider what that means compounded over just 10 years. For argument’s sake, let’s assume your nut in Vegas is $3K/mo. You’re going to have to come up with another $600 a month just to maintain your standard of living after you move to Philly. Doesn’t sound like much, but that’s $7,200 a year. Now if you’re willing to come up with that money to move, consider coming up with it and just putting it into some sort of investment model where you can earn 5% per year (I’m being pragmatic because I think you’re a pragmatic guy). Which would you rather have? Stay in Vegas and in 10 years, you have another $100K in your portfolio working for you; move to Philly and you don’t. Or worse: you end up giving up some of the ‘good stuff’ you’ve been enjoying in Vegas.

    Don’t make a decision about your next 10 years, though… Just stay there for the next year, put the money away and in 35 years, you’re going to have $41K if you do nothing else with that money (assuming the same boring 5%/year return).

    2. Gaming Industry. You’re a resourceful guy and while it’s true you can do anything from an Internet connection (as you proved in Costa Rica and in the Caymans), you’re pretty grounded in an industry that looks to Vegas as its shining Mecca. Perhaps there are advantages to running a gaming-oriented business in Philly that are not intuitively obvious? Proximity to the large Native American casinos in the Northeast comes to mind, but I’m not sold that’s a focus of your business.

    Perhaps you want to try something else outside of gaming? Consider the costs of a business start-up in Vegas and the costs of that same start-up in Philly. I think you’ll find that Vegas is much more entrepreneurial and while I can’t find numbers to prove it (although there’s lot of opinion supporting it), I think owning a business in Vegas would cost you less overall than owning the same business in Philly. Unless you were going to do something pretty Philly-centric, why not just try it from Vegas?

    Food for thought and good luck with that decision. I hope you’ll keep the blog up regardless of what you eventually decide.

  2. Nat Post author

    Yea as I said, LV is cheaper for sure. No doubt it is not financially beneficial to move east. But money isn’t everything and 100k over 10 years really isn’t that substantial. I’d rather do what I think I will enjoy the most and I’m not 100% sold on Vegas as a good long term option given my current situation there. I’m not sold on Philly either but I have a lot of reasons to give it a shot.

    The gaming industry stuff is more of an afterthought for me given the state of legislation in the US. It doesn’t appear that online gaming is going to be centered anywhere in the US for some time. I don’t think there’s any measurable benefit to being in any given spot in the US with regards to that stuff. If it ever turned out that I really needed to be in some spot for my job then I will just evaluate the situation at that point.

    Thanks for the comment!

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