Congrats to Adam & Lilly!

Yesterday I attended the wedding of my friend and business partner, Adam Small. The wedding was a bit west of San Jose, Costa Rica and he married an awesome Costa Rican girl named Lilly. Blog readers probably know Adam as one of the founders and admins on PocketFives. He now works as our company CEO but he is still pretty active on P5s even with his other duties.

The wedding was a great time even though I was staying sober because I had to drive afterwards. There were a few setbacks though. There was a 3 PM cocktail party to be followed by a 4 PM ceremony. When I got there at 3 PM, the sky was pretty clear. While we’re used to unpredictable weather in the US, in Costa Rica the weather is a lot more predictable — usually. February is dry season and it very rarely rains. I can only think of a few times that I can remember seeing more than a light drizzle during any Costa Rica dry season period. On the other hand, it rains 95%+ of days during the Costa Rica rainy season. So Adam and Lilly obviously picked a date right smack in the middle of dry season on purpose. Unfortunately that didn’t end up paying off.

By the time the ceremony was supposed to start, the weather was headed downhill fast. I walked outside with pokertrip (aka Jon Friedberg) and his girlfriend and we took our seats but the clouds overhead looked pretty angry. Jon actually minored in meteorology in college and he mentioned that swirling storm clouds overhead were a very bad sign. While obvious statement is obvious, at that point I realized that the outdoor wedding was not happening. I’d only been seated for a few minutes before the rain really started coming down and we headed back inside. A few minutes later it looked like this:

At that point I think they were already setting up the wedding indoors. So the ceremony happened a bit late and so on but it was actually a nice intimate setting indoors. I’m not sure how the outdoor wedding would have been since everyone was going to be spread around a rather large pool.

Anyway, after the ceremony we headed down the hill to the reception which was a great time. Like I said I didn’t drink but it was still nice to talk to a few people who I don’t get to see all that often. In this video you might be able to recognize a few P5s admins (Dan, Cal, Sandy):

I headed home around maybe 11:30 or so. The party was still going but it was probably past the point that I was really enjoying it while sober so, yea, called it a night.

Today Adam and Lilly are on their way to Kauai, Hawaii for a week for their honeymoon. And I am going to be flying back to Las Vegas tomorrow morning for a brief pitstop before heading east for a trip. Congrats again to Adam and Lilly!

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