Up way too early

I’m currently sitting in the United Red Carpet Club in the Philadelphia airport D terminal. This is probably the saddest excuse of an airport club that I’ve ever seen. For some retarded reason there is a doorbell here and the front desk lady needs to buzz in everyone. And the club is too small to get away from the sound of the doorbell. That sort of thing is super annoying for a club that is supposed to offer some relief from the noise and annoyance of the main terminal experience of security announcements and final boarding calls. But I guess overall this club is better than sitting in the terminal so I’ll deal with it — at least I have internet, power and a decent chair.

I’m headed to Houston and then I’m connecting to Grand Cayman. I will be there until the weekend visiting with friends. This’ll be the first time I’ve been back to Cayman since I moved to Vegas about 11 months ago so I’m pretty excited to go back for a few days.

I’m also currently watching the last four players in the Sunday Million. And by Sunday Million, I mean Sunday Almost Twelve Million. 59,128 players! That is stunning. It’s one thing to get that many players in a freeroll and a whole other thing to get that many players in a $215 tournament. It’s just amazing. I’m pretty sure I remember when the number of entrants in the “Sunday Million” (which was just a $215 Sunday tournament) was a few hundred people back in like 2002 and 2003. A number like 59,128 really just reflects how huge PokerStars’ marketing power has become. They are really the class of all poker sites in the industry. I really respect their business strategy and how they seem to think everything out very well (except maybe Double or Nothings, that didn’t turn out so well). Their foresight regarding player retention systems (ie, VIP programs, rakeback, etc) has been really pretty admirable in my opinion. It’s just amazing where PokerStars has gone in terms of popularity and I’m really curious to see if this can continue for them.

In other news, I recently switched back to the iPhone. After having an iPhone a few years ago, I switched to Android when I was living in Costa Rica because it was such a pain keeping the iPhone unlocked back in those days. It got easier after I sold my iPhone but I was using a hardware unlock solution (ie, a thing my SIM card sat on) and it was really unreliable. I used Android all the way through until a few days ago when I wandered by a Verizon store in Philly and just kinda randomly decided to get the iPhone. I know that the iPhone 5 will come out this summer but I don’t particularly care. Android is just really buggy and horrible with battery management and I wanted a more polished overall experience. Now with Verizon and the iPhone I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds. So far, I really like it and I’m glad I got it now. When the iPhone 5 comes out, I’ll just sell this one and upgrade.

Alright, I’ve had enough of the doorbell. Time to go board my flight.

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