5/21: Rangers at Phillies

On Saturday night I went to the Rangers v Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park in beautiful south Philadelphia (somewhat kidding). Although the stadium itself is definitely really nice. Saturday night (5/21) was the first time Cliff Lee was pitching against the Rangers since he played for them last year in the World Series in which they lost to the San Francisco Giants (of course, the Phillies also lost to the Giants in the NLCS).

Lee went on to pitch eight shutout innings with five hits and ten strikeouts and the Phillies won 2-0. He’s a beast when he’s on (which is pretty frequent although his record doesn’t look great this year). Most of the game was pretty nondescript although one kind of funny thing did end up happening. We hadn’t eaten dinner so during the second inning we decided to go get some food so we didn’t want to get up during any key later-inning moments. That proved to be a mistake. Ryan Howard hit a home run DIRECTLY into our seats. Like if no one was in the right field bleachers, it would have hit our seat. The people in front of us ended up getting the ball by reaching back into our row. You can see the highlight of it on this ESPN game recap article if you watch the video on the right side. So much for trying to get food at an opportune time during the game. I should’ve thought about the fact that the Phillies’ power-hitting lefty was about to come up to bat and that if he was going to hit a home run, there was a good chance it was coming to our area given that were right in the power spot in right field and we were in the second row. If he hits a home run, I figure there’s a maybe one in a few thousand or so chance that it lands directly in our seat and maybe a one in a few hundred chance that it lands in our general area — but only IF he hits a home run. Multiply those numbers by .065 for our actual chances because he is about 6.5% likely to hit a home run at home (134/2043 – see this) over the course of his career. So it wasn’t like we were massively likely to get a ball hit to us but his at bats were probably the most likely at bats to produce a home run in our area. Anyway, it happened. We weren’t there. Fail. One day I will catch a home run ball, hopefully.

Here are the pictures, this time they’re bigger than my normal size blog pics if you’re on my actual blog domain and you click on them.

EDIT: For some reason the lightbox plugin that I’m using to show the gallery is combining the two galleries that I posted today, kinda. I’m going to look into this. For now it shouldn’t be a big deal.

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