Denver and Oshkosh

I don’t know that Denver, CO and Oshkosh, NE belong in the same title but that’s where I went this weekend! I flew into Denver on Friday and I immediately drove to Coors Field for a tour. I just barely made the 2 PM tour (by about 10 seconds, literally) so I was really happy I made it. I then killed a little time at a Panera before driving up to Oshkosh, NE (about a 3.5 hour drive) around maybe 6 PM. So, why was I going to Oshkosh? And where is Oshkosh? First, I was going there because my friend Nick Van Newkirk (aka ahh_snap) and his bride/wife were having a wedding reception at his family ranch. Second, it’s a tiny town (1000 people or so) in southwestern Nebraska. There’s nothing around Oshkosh — not even fast food, movies, starbucks, etc. I was surprised to find that they have a golf course around the corner. I put up a map in the gallery below to show where Oshkosh is in case you don’t want to google it.

Anyway, I’m really too tired right now to write up a full blog entry. I uploaded a bunch of pictures and I wrote out a bunch of captions. I might write up a bit more tomorrow but for now, just pictures. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Denver and Oshkosh

  1. Grange95

    Not only do I know where Oshkosh is, you were maybe 30 minutes from my uncle’s ranch near North Platte, and maybe 2 hours from my hometown near McCook. Good times, west Nebraska! Oh, and the cow in your picture is a Hereford (yeah, farm geek here).

  2. Nat Post author

    Awesome! I remember hearing about North Platte. I think the coal train goes to somewhere around there…

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