29th Birthday

I’ve posted the last few years about my birthday. Here’s my entry from when I turned 27 and my entry from when I turned 28. For some reason I didn’t post in 2006 when I turned 24, 2007 when I turned 25 or 2008 when I turned 26. I still think it’s pretty cool that I started this blog when I was 23 and now I’m 29 and still going without any significant break at any point. I know I’ve gone through slower periods but I don’t think I’ve ever gone longer than about three weeks without a post. Hopefully I can keep that up!

One thing I said in last year’s entry is that I planned on being in ridiculously good shape by this point. I didn’t achieve that. The good news is that I am definitely in better shape now than last year at this time. The bad news is that I wouldn’t describe me as being in ridiculously good shape. Oh well. I am injury-free right now which wasn’t the case for all of the last year. I’m definitely hoping to step up the fitness and strength levels this coming year. I can make decent progress over the next month or so but after that I’ll be moving in the month of August and I suspect I’ll slide backwards. It is amazingly hard to maintain strength levels when you don’t lift. I find that I both acquire and lose strength at really high rates. So I hope to really get going on the strength stuff in September when I’m done moving and settled into my apartment in Philadelphia.

One other thing I’m going to be doing is volunteering at the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA in late July. The CrossFit Games are the annual worldwide CrossFit championships. They claim to crown the “fittest man and woman on earth” each year and they may very well be right. I signed up to volunteer for the whole week (including setup) so I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of work. But I think it’ll be a great experience. Since I’m moving east just after the games it’s going to be less likely that I’ll come out west just for the games next year so I figure I’d better get in the volunteer experience before it’s too late. Given that there is a $1m prizepool and a bunch of sponsorships up for grabs, I think the competition is going to be awesome. There are so many incredibly fit people out there but at the CFG something has got to give.

I will end this blog entry with some pictures of the birthday gifts I received this year. My girlfriend got me this screenprinted poster of the neighborhoods in Philly:

I picked up a frame for it and I can’t wait to hang it up in my new apartment. She also had these cookies shipped in:

She is also giving me various other things. Two more from what I’m told. I’ll have pictures from one of the other presents on Tuesday and the fourth one I am told I will get in a few weeks/months. I’m a lucky guy!

Also, since yellowsub86 and his girlfriend are staying with me for the WSOP, I woke up to the following outside of my room yesterday (they were flying out of town for the weekend to attend a wedding):

I guess everyone knows that I’m kind of a sucker for sweets. Sigh. The card is awesome though. When you open it, it starts playing the chicken dance.

Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday! Time to close out my 20s.

3 thoughts on “29th Birthday

  1. Adam Small

    I usually catch birthdays, but I guess yours isn’t on facebook and I don’t have it in my head. Gotta work on that. Hope it was a good one, sounds like it was!

  2. Adam Small

    Guess it’s hard to find room for your birthday when you’ve gotta list all those different languages you speak

  3. Nat Post author

    I took it off of facebook the day before to avoid the usual birthday wall post thing. And to make room for my languages.

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