Baseball Pack Breaks

I’ve written a few times before (post #1, post #2) about my baseball card habit. I’ve picked up a number of cards since those posts but most recently, yellowsub and I bought four graded vintage packs. I know that you’re not supposed to open them but we bought them to open them, not to preserve value. The packs we bought were: 1968 Topps GAI 7, 1969 Topps GAI 9.5, 1973 Topps PSA 8, 1973 Topps PSA 9. All of them are pictured below. I also took a picture of some of the cooler cards that I found. In addition to the good ones I found, yellowsub found some really good ones too (1969 Clemente among them).

We also took video of the pack breaks so I may edit that down and put it up on YouTube if there’s any interest.

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