I virtually never discuss politics or religion on this blog but given the state of things in the US, I feel compelled to say something. First off, I do not consider myself a member of either party because I am split on issues so neither party really represents a set of ideas that I would be happy with. I’m generally disgusted with multiple things that both parties have done. I think there are multiple media outlets with very biased reporting (although I think that the Fox News model is more biased than the mainstream liberal biased media, on a relative basis) and I find it to be unbalanced on both sides. Lastly, I don’t proclaim myself to be the most educated political follower. I don’t know all sorts of details like who voted for what, blah blah. All that being said, something really compells me to say something about one major issue that really really REALLY bothers me: KEEP RELIGION THE FUCK OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS AND TEACH SCIENCE. (excuse my language)

I know that conservatives are probably going to take offense to this. But the overwhelming number of violations of the above request are being committed by conservatives and, more specifically, Christian conservatives. It is simply disgusting to watch these violations of the separation of church and state. As a country, we deserve better. Our kids shouldn’t have to mention God in a pledge. Coaches shouldn’t be leading prayer circles before football games. Teachers should be immediately fired for bringing their religious or personal agenda that contradicts scientifically-proven curriculum (whatever it is) to their classrooms. Our kids should not be taught creationism in schools. Everyone who is reasonable and smart knows that evolution is well north of 99%+ likely to be correct (I only don’t say 100% because, frankly, almost nothing is 100%). I don’t care if Christian parents have to deal with children who don’t understand why their school is saying one thing and their church/synagogue/mosque says another. It’s their job to figure out how to deal with that. That’s like an overweight parent asking how to explain to their kid why the school teacher says that you should eat vegetables yet the parent hasn’t eaten a vegetable in 20 years. That’s not our problem as a society — that’s your problem. If you care, send your kid to a private school where religion and donuts reign supreme.

Here’s a Daily Show video that really made me think about this subject more but I have been thinking this for several years now:

There was an excellent comment in the reddit.com thread about that particular segment and the rather ignorant Fox News woman who appeared in it:

There’s a market in the US for comforting lies due to the way the baby boomer generation was raised. They’re leaving an era of “God and Country” and don’t want to join the era of “Secular Globalization” so they tune into people like her who remind them of a simpler time. They’re scared of the unknown and have the hardest time joining the rest of the world so they grab onto figureheads that tell them what they want to hear so they can live peacefully.

I think that quote has put the state of affairs in our country perfectly. People need to let go. On a sidenote, I’m glad there’s unrest in our country because we are not headed down a good road and it’s about time that people taken some action to try to put at least some aspect of our country back on track.

Just to circle back, this isn’t about Republicans versus Democrats for me. While I supported Obama in 2008, that was more about my intense distaste for Sarah Palin than about my preference for Obama. I don’t agree with Obamacare (as it stands at least). I don’t care for Obama’s inability to get anything productive done — although that is not totally his fault. This is not about Christianity versus Islam versus Athiesm versus whatever. I’m not attacking Christianity when it’s practiced in the private sector amongst people who want to participate. I recognize that people are free to teach their own kids what they wish. Go for it. That isn’t what this blog post is about.

This is also not about teaching Athiesm in the public sector. I’m not proposing classes titled “Why God Does Not Exist” or similar. With regards to publicly funded institutions of any kind, I propose ignoring the Bible, religion, God, prophets, people being swallowed by whales, resurrection, etc. That material should be a total nonfactor in every way although, of course, important science should still be taught even if it happens to conflict. We are not taught that wolves are capable of blowing down various houses that pigs are in (although clearly if a bird is angry enough and launched correctly, it can blow up houses that pigs are in). So why would we be taught that the world was created in six days?

This blog post about teaching science in the public sector. Anyone who ignores science is ignoring the MOST correct form of knowledge that we have about ourselves in today’s society. Is there zero doubt about scientific theories? No. But it is way more correct than anything else we know. Science is light years ahead of the Bible in terms of likelihood of correctness. If you don’t believe that, fine. You can believe what you wish. But it’s beyond irresponsible to push our whole country in an absurd direction and completely jeopardize our country as a world leader. We’re getting dumber. And yes, I think this is a major factor. Science and rational thought needs to be put on a pedestal as our method of thinking. People who are working against that: Please stop. For all of us.

7 thoughts on “Politics

  1. SirFWALGMan

    I agree with the science part.. but, and this may be because I am old, we have been saying the pledge of allegiance for fucking ever. Sure it says “one nation under god”.. but I never really saw it as a “religious” thing.. In some ways our country has gone way wrong but I think it is good that we affirm our loyalty to the country and I do not really want to see the pledge re-written because someone takes offense to a word in it. Again all this could be because “hey I grew up doing it”.. but that’s how I feel.

  2. JC

    A “LOL” and “Agree” to the first two comments, respectively.

    I think 99% of your readers will agree with just about everything you commented on, as do I. But to affect change, you can’t be yelling (or cursing) as loudly as those you disagree with. A lack of respect for those who were raised differently than you and/or share a different belief system than you (i.e., “everyone else is an idiot”), no matter how right you are, won’t help set anyone or an entire country onto a more correct patch.

    That being said, I obviously realize this is your blog and therefore can say whatever it is you’re thinking however you choose. But just some (non-paleo) food for thought.

  3. harrybalzer

    i agree!! yes yes!!

    what we need is more state run everything so they can apply these really neato rules to what and what can’t be taught in whatever damn class we’re told to have.

    or liberty and all that. maybe the damn state should get the fuck out of the education business (which they suck ass at, among other things) and let people teach whatever the fuck they want. yeah, liberty and all that.

  4. Nat Post author

    If they want to completely unfund it and have zero public money involved whatsoever, I have no problem with privately funded schools teaching things differently. My problem is when someone is effectively paying for their public school (through taxes and such, nothing is free) and that school is being taken over because a majority of people (and usually influential people) happen to be a certain religion.

  5. harrybalzer

    who’s “they”?

    government managed education is rife with conflicts. what kind of history gets taught? what subjects does government deem valuable (why)? how much do unionized teachers get paid – in vacation, guaranteed raises (devry masters degrees), retirement (stuffed)?

    the problem is government.

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