Photoshop Help Request

Is anyone out there really good with Photoshop or do you know someone who’s really good? If so, I have a relatively simple (ie, one image) job for you/them. I need to take a picture of myself and photoshop it to look both old-style (ie, 1700s) in terms of dress and awesome in terms of things that I have with me in the picture. For instance, I probably want to add a falcon, maybe a parrot, definitely a cigar or pipe, probably some sort of fine alcohol, a diamond-encrusted gold telescope in the background, etc. It basically has to be ridiculous. This is somewhat like what I’m talking about:

The differences are that mine needs to be way more badass, more classical in terms of dress, more accessories and possibly not lying down (although I am open to the idea).

So basically, if you or someone you know is good at doing that sort of thing, I will get a friend to take the original picture and we can go from there. This will ultimately be used to get a portrait painted so it needs to be decent resolution but it doesn’t have to be super high res. Thanks!

Feel free to reach me via my contact page or directly via gmail at the username natarem.

2 thoughts on “Photoshop Help Request

  1. JC

    Is this going to hang on the wall above where you sit when you eat french fries off your Versace china?

    That said, Ken might know someone. I’ll fwd along your request.

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