Home from the Olympics

I just got home yesterday from an awesome trip to the Olympics. I had some issues on the way over with United canceling (!!) my flight to London which caused me to miss the first weightlifting event that I was supposed to be at. But once I got to London, everything went very smoothly. I normally post a bunch of pictures on my blog but at this point I have already put up a lot of pictures on Facebook and I don’t really want to spend the time to move them all over and recaption all of them. So I’ve made this album public — it has all of my non-lifting pictures. And for pictures of people actually on the weightlifting platform, you can take a look at the hookgrip facebook page or just go directly to the wall photos album.

Overall, the trip was great. I ended up attending 8 weightlifting sessions, I got to see a couple different areas of London (I’d already been there a few times so I didn’t really need to see the touristy stuff), I met up with a number of friends and I managed to take some awesome pictures. The organization of the actual Olympics was actually very well done. The local organizers had people stationed everywhere to help explain where to go. There weren’t any bad lines. I never had to wait at all to go through security to get into the venues, it seemed like DLR trains were arriving at stations every three minutes or so, the bathroom facilities were never overwhelmed, etc. They handled the Olympic crowds really well!

It was kind of funny to see betting shops all over the place. It really reminded me of the trip that I took to the UK back in May of 2010. It’s funny to think of how different an era that was in the online poker world. Even less than 1.5 years after Black Friday, it’s hard to remember what it was like when you could play poker online in the US. Actually, on that last trip to the UK, I sat in Ray Bitar’s office in the PocketKings headquarters (an FTP subsidiary of some kind). Less than one year later he was indicted in the US and about two years later he flew back to the US to turn himself in (although he’s now out on bail). It’s crazy to think about what has happened since that last trip to the UK. I really need to catch up on the poker legal scene though, I haven’t been following it nearly as closely as I used to.

Now I’m just getting settled back into my day to day life in Philly. I don’t have any other major lifting competitions coming up for awhile. I plan on being at the American Open in late Nov/early Dec. And I will be at the 2013 World Weightlifting Championships but those aren’t until October 2013. I might go to the 2013 US Nationals but I don’t think it’s been scheduled yet so I’m not sure whether I’ll go. Now it’s just time to get working on hookgrip.com and get the actual site launched!

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