Atlanta Trip and Deadlift PR

I’m typing this blog entry from the USAirways Club at the Philadelphia airport waiting for my flight to Atlanta. The internet in this club is beyond awful right now so I guess I will have to post this later though.

So I’m headed to Atlanta mainly for some meetings at Bluff (now a part of Churchill Downs) about a few different things. I haven’t been into the Bluff offices in a few years so it’ll be interesting to be back. I’m also going because I have made it a yearly tradition to visit Atlanta/Athens in the fall. Of course, I was living in Atlanta in the fall of 06 and 07 but in 2008 I came back for UFC 88 (post one, post two, post three), in 2009 I stopped on my way back from South Africa (and I came back again for the Auburn game a bit later on), in 2010 I came back for the Vanderbilt game and in 2011 I came down for Thanksgiving with yellowsub86′s family (they’re awesome by the way). So this will count as my 2012 trip.

In other news, a few hours ago I just finished doing something called the CrossFit Total at my gym. I’ve posted about this before but the basic idea is that you get three chances each at squat, deadlift and standing press. In this case, we did deadlifts first. I warmed up by doing about 6-7 sets with my last warmup being about 375lbs. I then took my first attempt at 404 and made it pretty easily. I then put 20 lbs on to make the bar 424 and I made it again although it was actually a little tough off the floor but I locked it out pretty easily. I decided to go for 15 additional pounds so I was up to 439 which is just under 200kg and was a PR attempt. This time I psyched myself up a bit because I knew that I would need to stay tighter off the floor in order to make the lift. Well, the mental prep worked as the 439 actually felt similar to the 404! I was really excited to make the lift. I asked one of the coaches if I could get one more attempt in order to set a higher weight. He agreed and I put on 10 more lbs to get up to 449 or about 204kg (I really wanted to definitively break the 200kg barrier, which I’d never done). So I waited a few minutes and did the same mental routine with the 449 and, once again, I made it! Pretty awesome. It wasn’t even that hard once I got it about 2 inches off the floor. I felt like I could stand there with it at the top for several minutes (although I didn’t try that). So overall I’m really happy with the 449. This now puts my PR squat at 365lbs and my PR deadlift at 449lbs. I want them to be 400 and 500 so I’m not too far away. Assuming I stay injury free (a big if), both 400 and 500 are less than six months away and possibly a decent amount sooner. I’m excited about it.

So in hookgrip news, things have been clicking along pretty well. The Facebook page is up to something like 6200 likes, I put some shirts up for sale and they’ve sold very well (I’m out of stock in a bunch of sizes so I have an refill order on tap, hopefully I will get it soon), I have a lot of information on old lifting meets that I plan on getting online soon and so on. I’m really excited to see what the site can become in 2013. As of now I plan on attending the following meets: 2013 European championships in Valencia Spain, 2013 Junior World championships in Lima Peru, 2013 US National championships in Cincinnati Ohio and the 2013 World Championships in Warsaw Poland. If I were to drop any from that schedule, the Europeans would probably be the first to go. It’s kind of frustrating but the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) hasn’t even scheduled the European championships yet even though, traditionally, they are held in April. So I haven’t been able to get tickets or hotel so far. I plan on traveling using miles/points so it really depends on what sorts of fares are available for frequent flier seats. As soon as I know the dates I will start looking into things. The Lima event is scheduled but I’m currently waiting until I have enough American Airlines miles to fly down there in first class — it should be another month or two at most. Overall it’s actually pretty cheap to go to all of these events if you’re smart with miles/points and you find good hotel deals. I really enjoy the whole experience so I hope things keep going at this pace. I actually need to get a backup camera body because I’m worried that I’ll end up at one of these competitions and my shutter will go and I’ll be totally out of luck! So I am going to look into buying one in the next month or two.

Well, it’s about time to pack up and head to the gate. Off to Atlanta!

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