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In some ways I feel like this blog is dying a slow death. On the one hand I am about to celebrate seven (!) full years of blogging. I originally started this on Dec 31st 2005 as a place to post pictures from the 2006 PCA. I decided that I liked writing here and I just kept going. In some ways I still like it but in other ways I feel like it’s a waste. Most of the people who still have this in their RSS reader are either family members, friends or poker people. With the family members and friends, most of the communication happens via facebook, emails, google chat, etc. And the poker people, with good reason, have either moved on to other things or they are spending most of their time figuring out how to use VPNs, how to move abroad and how to get their FTP money. Or, if they’re really bored, maybe they’re playing some online blackjack or gambling sports just to get a gamble in. It doesn’t seem like that crowd gives a shit about what I have to say because I’ve also moved on from their world — at least for the time being. I don’t blame anyone for not giving a shit, I wouldn’t either if someone who blogged about an interest of mine moved on to something that is not an interest of mine. Perfectly reasonable. So I’m really not sure that I see a point to posting here anymore but I’m not going to say that I’m completely done with it just because I might get the itch again at some point in the future. That being said I wouldn’t expect to see a lot of posts here in 2013.

I spend most of my free time working on hookgrip. The hookgrip facebook page just recently cracked 8000 likes. I get a lot of interest in the pictures that I’m taking. I am also going to have a booth at The Arnold this year in early March so that’ll be a pretty big step for the business. Right now I’m taking some of the final steps to actually launch the website. I wrote a blog entry here about why the site isn’t launched yet. I’m confident it’ll be up in the next few months though as I’m working on the development of the site itself on a daily basis now.

In training news, I’ve been doing something a bit different since the CrossFit Total a few months back (late October). I’ve been spending almost all of my training time working on my front squat. The reason is that I was developing some bad habits in the back squat and I want to “reset” my form to be more upright and to hold my back/chest position properly. Things are going well in that respect, I feel like my new form is becoming a lot more natural. Fewer and fewer reps are bad. Today I managed a front squat PR of 142.5kg/314lb. While that’s a very easy back squat for me, it’s a whole different ballgame having the bar on your chest. At some point it basically just crushes you. But the good news is that I’ve gotten a LOT stronger in my chest/delts/etc from the front squatting and I feel like I have lost very little when it comes to leg strength. I’m sure my back squat dropped by a bit since I haven’t put anything in the 160kg-170kg range on my back in well over a month but it won’t take long at all to get it back when I go back to it. So the current plan is to just keep front squatting. I would like to do 150kg/330lb for a front squat single by the end of the year. Hopefully it’ll happen!

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. I went to Colorado Springs in the middle of November to visit the US Olympic Training Center. And then I went to Palm Springs (I guess I like places with Springs in the name?) in early December to take pictures at the American Open (one of two big national meets that happens each year in the US). After the American Open I spent a few days with friends and family in the San Diego area before flying home. Both trips went really well. I don’t have anything major planned but I am planning on going to a few regional meets (within a few hour drive) in January and then of course the Arnold in Columbus, Ohio in early March. But the big stuff is after that. I will be attending the European Senior Championships in Varna, Bulgaria in early April. And then I will be attending the Junior World Championships (I went to this year’s Junior Worlds in Guatemala) in Lima, Peru in early May. It’s going to be a TON of traveling! But I think it’ll be worth it.

Anyway, I guess that’s the update for now! Happy holidays to everyone and I hope you have a healthy/safe/fun New Year if I don’t post before then. I’m sure I’ll check in within the next few months though.

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