About Me

I am a Philadelphia-based internet entrepreneur. My skill set includes php, mysql, SEO, general web marketing, community building/management, project management, wordpress and more. I also take random stabs at photoshop, drupal, illustrator, objective c, video production, photography and server administration. I don’t do freelance work for others as I’m usually working on sites that I at least partially own.

My past projects include: thepokerdb, PSDollars, donkbluff, PocketFives, TightPoker, thepokerfilm and many others. Clearly, my interests (at one point) heavily lied with online poker. In addition to the projects listed, I was a somewhat well-known figure in the investigations into the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet cheating scandals. I also spent a lot of time on TwoPlusTwo and PocketFives — racking up well over 10,000 posts between the two.

I’ve since left the day-to-day poker world (as of August 1st, 2011) and I’m working on online projects related to WordPress themes, Joomla templates, WordPress plugins, Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, healthy eating/food and more. I keep it busy and varied.

Over the last several years, I’ve lived all over the place. This is my rough timeline:

  • Until Aug 06: Philadelphia-area
  • Aug 06-Apr 07: Atlanta
  • Apr 07-Jul 07: Las Vegas
  • Jul 07-Jan 08: Atlanta
  • Jan 08-Mar 09: Escazu, Costa Rica
  • Mar 09-Apr 10: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Apr 10-Aug 11: Las Vegas
  • Aug 11-now: Back in Philly!

As you can see, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind world tour. I’m hoping to settle down for a bit in Philly and I think I will, given that it is home for me.

(Last Update: 9/4/2011)